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Infosys Finacle.. set to radicalize Indian Financial System.. has Finacle Trade Connect been approved by RBI or IDRBT?

The fact that Technologists have scant regard for law is well known. The developments in the Bitcoin scenario is an indication. Despite Bitcoin is the established “Currency for the Criminals” and “Black Money Hoarding Tool”, technologists say “So What?… I … Continue reading

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FKCCI Bangalore discusses Bitcoin as an Investment

On 27th, November 2017, a talk had been arranged by the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce, in the FKCCI building, K.G.Road, Bangalore. The gathering consisting mainly of members of the chamber was addressed by Mr Satvik Vishwanathan, CEO of … Continue reading

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Proposed Data Protection Legislation in India- White Paper released

Justice B.N. Srikishna Committee constituted on 31st July 2017 to draft a “Privacy Act” for India has come out with a white paper for pubic comments. The 243 page report is now in public domain and seeks public response to every … Continue reading

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ITA 2008 already has a provision.. if Sophia breaks our law

The advent of the “Humanoid robots” and “Artificial Intelligence” is posing a challenge to the law makers and interpreters on how does the current laws affect the actions of these machines. Saudi Arabia has created a complication by granting “Citizenship” … Continue reading

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More on Section 65B..from Madhya Pradesh..election petition

In the High Court of Madhya Pradesh at Jabalpur, (S.Tiwari Vs Arjun Ajay Singh) in an order dated 17th January 2017, regarding E.P. no 01/2014, an important confirmation of a process has been added to the Cyber Jurisprudence of Section 65B … Continue reading

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Making a mockery of Background checks

Recently there is news about many relatives of known international terrorists as well as those who are openly advocating secession from India for Kashmir as well as other terror sympathizers being provided with plush Government jobs (besides security at Government … Continue reading

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