Terms of Use

Consequent to the passage of Digital data protection act 2023 (DPDPA 2023) with effect from 11th August 2023, the terms of use of this website has undergone a marginal change.

The website was considering itself to be subject to the ITA 2000 as amended from time to time. Now to the extent DPDPA 2023 is applicable usage is subject also to DPDPA 2023.

The website usage is limited to those who agree that they subject themselves to the provisions of the Indian laws of DPDPA 2023 and ITA 2000 and not GDPR or other laws applicable to other jurisdictions.

Any use of the website is considered as a voluntary activity and information collected through technical measures of the hosting service provider are considered as voluntarily provided.

Any grievance under this website is subject to mediation and arbitration as per laws applicable in India.