Naavi.org is a website that has been in existence since 1998 (initially as naavi.com) and has been discussing various aspects of cyber laws in India. The views expressed are the personal views of Naavi but have been contributing to the development of Cyber Jurisprudence in India.

In 2018, FDPPI or Foundation of Data Protection Professionals was started as a Section 8 company with Naavi as a founder promoter along with several other professionals in the area of Privacy and Data Protection. This organization has grown to be the apex organization in India in the field of Privacy and Data Protection.

Cyber Law College which was started by Naavi in 2000 as the first virtual education activity in Cyber Law in India is today handling all its training programs as part of FDPPI activities.

With these developments, FDPPI is closely associated with Naavi. However, FDPPI is an independent organization with a public cause and Naavi is an independent entity with a blend of personal and organizational characteristics.

As an Individual, Naavi continues to be an Activist, Jurisprudent and would express views that may be contradictory to popular beliefs. Occasionally there could be aberrations such as an angry outburst as a part of the freedom of expression that we all believe India grants its citizens.

However, visitors of Naavi.org may consider that Naavi.org is incomplete without FDPPI and vice versa. Hence a link to www.fdppi.in is provided here.