Madam Nirmala Sitharaman, Don’t be reluctant to stop Bitcoin Terrorism

The news that Colonial Pipelines, a company in US first stopped its operations plunging the US East Coast into a severe Petrol shortage situation and later making a payment (not admitted by the Company publicly) of US $5 million to the ransomware attackers in the form of Bitcoins.

We are aware that in recent times, Ransomware attackers even attacked the Washington Police showing that they are above law.

So far we are thinking that it is “Cyber Criminals” who are using “Bitcoins” as currency. When talks of Crypto Currencies being “Currency of Criminals” or “Currency of Terrorists”, the perception is that Crypto currency is another “Currency” which is misused by criminals, drug traffickers or arms dealers etc.

But now slowly it is time to realize that it is not “Crimes” that are driving the Bitcoins but it is the “Bitcoins” that is driving the Crimes.

In fact Bitcoin has elevated itself from being a “Currency of Terrorists” to “Being A terror by itself”.

What we are seeing now is that the Bitcoin holders are enriching themselves by resorting to financial terrorism.

India by showing reluctance to ban Bitcoins and other Crypto Currencies is in fact assisting the “Bitcoin Terrorists” to indulge in Cyber attacks.

I therefore call that Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, the honourable Finance Minister needs to realize that any further delay in not banning Bitcoins is actually showing forbearance to the Financial terrorism of Bitcoins.

The time to wait for the the next Parliamentary session is over. We need an immediate ordinance to make the provisions of the Bill effective immediately.

Will the Finance Ministry listen to our words at least now?


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Open up Opportunities in Privacy and Data Protection

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Be a Certified Global Privacy and Data Protection Professional

Cyber Law College as a division of Ujvala Consultants Private Limited will launch a comprehensive Certification program covering Data Protection Laws of India, Data Protection Laws of the world (GDPR, CCPA, Singapore PDPA, Dubai DIFC DPL, Brazil LGPD) and Data Audit skills  including Data Trust Score mechanism under PDPSI. (Personal Data Protection Standard of India)..

The Certification is being provided under the FDPPI-DNV co-branded services.

The program details are as follows:

Session Duration Topic
1-4 12 hours PDPA
5-6 6 hours GDPR
7-10 9 hours HIPAA, DIFC DPL,Singapore PDPA, CCPA, Brazil LGPD
11-14 9 hours Principles of Audit, Planning and managing an Audit,Data Audit under PDPA

The 36 hour online program will be conducted at week ends on Saturdays and Sundays for 3 hours on each day starting from 10.00 am. The tentative date of starting would be 19th June 2021.

The total fee for the course would be Rs 40,000/-. Members of FDPPI and Sponsored Auditors of DNV will get appropriate discounts. Those who have already completed the certification of any of the modules Module I, G or A will be given corresponding discounts.

The discounted registrations will close by May 31st 2021 and all registrations will close by 10th June 2021.

For further clarifications, kindly contact Naavi over e-mail.

Payment can be made using the following link.

However, kindly send an e-mail indicating the payment details along with the details of your name, address, contact e-mail, contact mobile number, and your designation so that we can reconcile the payments. Those of you who want a separate receipt for accounting purpose may kindly request for the same.



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CEAC starts “Will Repository service” for Digital Assets

In continuation of the concerns that has expressed regarding the need to recognize and document the transfer of digital assets of deceased data principals, Cyber Evidence Archival Center (CEAC) which is a division of Ujvala Consultants Private Limited has started with immediate effect a “Repository Service for written instructions regarding disposal of digital assets on the death of a data principal”.

It is to be noted that in India, “Will in electronic form” is not recognized. Any instruction that relates to an action to be undertaken on the death of a person will have the character of a testamentary statement and hence cannot be expressed in the form of digital documents such as e-mails.

At the same time, a proper will needs to be witnessed and registered. It needs to contain some basic information. There are many websites from which a format of will can be obtained.

This repository service is meant for people who want to state their digital holdings and ensure that they can be claimed by the legal heirs. At FDPPI we are working on some suggestions to be given to the Government and we hope in due course Government may introduce a valid system of nomination of digital assets.  However the increasing number of deaths caused by Covid indicate that we need a service as envisaged immediately.

Under the process, CEAC will receive paper based instructions written in own handwriting (Not type written) indicating the name and address of the person along with the details of the digital assets such as (E Mail account, Facebook account, etc), through a sealed cover sent through registered post (With acknowledgement and also confirmation over e-mail) with a marking indicating “For Digital Asset  Disposal Repository”. The cover would not be opened and would be deposited in a Bank locker.

The deposit will be charged a fee. Current proposed fee is Rs 500/- per deposit and needs to be renewed annually.

The retrieval will be subject to the process suggested under CLCC  which is subject to fine tuning and will also be charged. At the time of retrieval, the cover would be opened in front of the claimant and a legal representative of the claimant and information contained there in would be provided so that further legal process of adding the digital assets in the succession certificate application can be made.  The retrieval charge proposed now is Rs 1000/-

CEAC would not be responsible for the instructions not being considered as a valid will.

This is a service which would be in operation until a more formal arrangement may evolve with changes in law.

At present CEAC reserves the right to stop the service completely any time after 2 years.

More details can be obtained by sending an e-mail to


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Loss of Mr Neeraj Arora…

It was a shocking news to receive today that our friend and a Cyber Law expert Mr Neeraj Arora is no more. It appears that he had recently recovered from Covid but succumbed to cardiac arrest.

Mr Neeraj Arora was a specialist in Electronic evidence with his understanding of the law and also the practices in the law enforcement. He was also an excellent presenter and contributed to the growth of Cyber jurisprudence in respect of Section 65B.

He was one of the lawyers whom people in Delhi were afraid of while presenting Electronic evidence as he was one of the few persons who could trouble witnesses in cross examination.

His Linked in profile contained the following description.

“Mr. Neeraj Aarora is a practicing advocate, an arbitrator and a computer forensic expert.
He is AOR in Supreme court & Public Prosecutor with NIA and also on the panel of Controller of Certifying Authorities, Ministry of Information Technologies, Govt. of India.
He also being a technocrat, has developed strong dominion over Cyber, Law & Finance domains and has unique ability to integrate Bit & Byte, Debit & Credit with Law. His exposure as Defence Lawyer, Special Public Prosecutor, Law Enforcement Officer and Arbitrator give him an edge to appraise any case from all the perspectives.
He is law graduate from DU, a Fellow Member of ICAI and Certified Fraud Examiner from ACFE (USA). He has done PG Diploma in ADR, Cyber Law and Drafting of Legislation, Treaties, International Agreement & Contracts from Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. In technology domain, he has done PGD(Cyber Law), CEH, CHFI, CISA, CISSP & MBA (IT) apart from various other certifications on emerging technologies. He is also Certified Forensic Computer Expert from IACIS, a certification approved by Forensic Specialties Board (USA). He is also International Coach on computer forensic with International Association of Computer Investigative Specialist (IACIS), U.S.
He is the Managing Partner of his Techno Legal Firm, Hazen Legal Associates which is specialized into Criminal Law, Cyber Law, Digital Evidence, Privacy and other compliances under IT Act, 2000. His specialise to handle techno-legal issue in Courts primarily relating to Computer Forensics, Audio-video Evidences, Block-chain, AI, Machine Learning, Privacy, Robotics, Big-data, Drones, Data Protection etc.
Mr. Aarora is a visiting faculty on these techno-legal issues with Indian Law Institute, National Judicial Academy, National Law University, National Police Academy, Judicial Academies, NICFS, CBI, ISACA, ISC2 and various other institutes of repute.
He is also an Arbitrator & Member of Appellate Arbitral Tribunals at National & International Level. He has successfully handled more that 600 matters in mediation & given 300 awards as an Arbitrator & Member of Appellete Arbitral Tribunal and presided as Presiding Arbitrator in more than 50 cases.
Mr. Arora is the President of Cyber Research & Innovation Society which has been promoted by Mr. Aarora to promote the research & innovation on these techno-legal domains by bringing technocrat, legal professionals, researchers & users on one platform to develop the methodologies & remedies for safer use of these technologies by common man, stake-holders, industry & society at large.

I was privileged to have his voluntary endorsement on my Linked in profile.

The last time we came across in the physical world was at NLSUI, Bangalore during a seminar in which both of us were speakers. I have lost a professional friend and his sudden demise is a loss to the field of Cyber Law.

Mr Neeraj Arora will be remembered through many of his videos which will remain in YouTube. Our heartfelt condolences are with his family.

I was working on the policies to be adopted by Data Fiduciaries to protect the data assets of a deceased data principal. It is time to dedicate the draft policy which is available  here in the CCLC (Cyber Law Compliance center) to his memory.





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FDPPI and DNV to offer Co-Branded services

FDPPI is the leading organization in India focusing on development of systems and best practices  for “Privacy and Personal Data Compliance Management System” (PDP-CMS) and DNV is one of the oldest Management Certification organizations in the world.

The two organizations have come together in a collaboration that offers to the Indian industry co-branded services for building a Privacy and Data Protection Culture in the country and prepare the industry and professionals for the forthcoming Personal Data Protection Act in India through

a) FDPPI-DNV Certification program for Data Protection Professionals

b) FDPPI-DNV Certification of organizations for implementation of  for PDP-CMS (Personal data protection compliance management system)

c) FDPPI-DNV  DTS (Data Trust Score) evaluation

Mr Rajeev Panicker, head ICT business vertical for  Det Norske Veritas GL for India & Middle East Region. (DNV) addressed the FDPPI members on 12th May 2021, during the Jnaana Vardhini session and highlighted the essence of the collaboration between FDPPI and DNV.

Recognizing the value of the complimentary nature of the activities of the two organizations FDPPI and DNV have decided to make co-branded offers for the benefit of the community.

Accordingly, both organizations will offer services of each other to their clients and also execute projects by sharing their resources.

FDPPI has about 37 supporting members of which several members represent organizations which provide their services through revenue sharing arrangements with FDPPI. All of them will now be able to expand their services portfolio with the addition of the FDPPI-DNV co-branded services.

The arrangement is expected to expand the reach of both organizations and benefit the community at large.


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