Cyber Law Compliance Center has been advocating Cyber Law Compliance as a policy across all users of IT and Internet. This mission towards Cyber Law Compliance started right from 17th October 2000 and since then Naavi has taken several initiatives to spread the message. The Karnataka Cyber Law Awareness Movement which was active around 2004-2007 created Cyber Law Courses in many law colleges in Karnataka. Subsequently Cyber Law Courses were initiated in Engineering Colleges also. Now large institutions such as NLSUI and NALSAR are taking the Cyber Law Education forward both in Karnataka and across the country. Hope the momentum will carry it through.

However, the adoption of Cyber Law Compliance within the industry has not been upto the expectation and industries are unable to overcome their inertia in undertaking specific actions to improve Cyber Law Compliance or the more focussed alter ego termed ITA 2008 Compliance. The reluctance is both because the companies are preoccupied with growth and at best certifications such as ISO 27001 or PCI-DSS etc to flaunt around and impress clients.

In this scenario, continues its efforts to impress upon the community measures to be Cyber Law Compliant. One of the off shoots of this effort is the push on Cyber Insurance since availability of a Cyber Insurance cover could be an incentive for the industry to implement Techno Legal Cyber Security and also develop a standard for information security management which is practical and recognized by a stake holder such as the Cyber Insurer.

In the context of the new-found vigour in India for promoting Digital India and IT/Mobile Startups, the issue of Cyber Law Compliance has become a challenge for the entities which are not big enough to source necessary skills. To help these SMEs or Micro enterprises, it is now proposed that Naavi will provide assistance for Cyber Law Compliance through this Cyber Law Compliance Center.

In a way this Center will provide “Shared Services” which should be affordable to the SMEs and Micro Enterprises.

The shared services would be detailed here in due course.


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