ITA 2008 has been following the developments on Information Technology Act from the days of the first draft of the E Commerce Act 1998. Here are the links to the details.

Current Version: ITA 2008
Current Rules and Notifications: ITA-2000 Rules
Previous Version of the Act: ITA 2000
The Evolution of Amendments  Amendments
Views on various issues: Articles
(Please check for latest articles)
E Gazette notifications-Meity Search 

Search for Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

3 Responses to ITA 2008

  1. Kathirvel says:

    It is appreciable that the sharing of the information for public in large, regarding various IT laws and related knowledge in the site.

  2. Neha Jain says:

    Hi Readers

    i had read the Symmetric Crypto system & Assymetric crypto system in various books but still could not make out the difference.

    I downloaded the free version of Cyber Laws For Every Netizen in India
    (Version 2004) by Naavi and read it from there & understood it very clearly.

    Amazing & really appreciable.

    Truly hats off to you Mr. Na.Vijayashankar

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