The Koo has become stronger..

When Naavi called for quitting Twitter and opting for Tooter or Koo through his articles

February 3, 2021:  Twitter high on Technology Intoxication

February 4, 2021: Quit Twitter

February 5: Let Indians go for a “Twitter Silence” and move over to “Tooter” and “Koo”

February 6: Rihana and Greta Thunberg are Information Gladiators

and also followed up with some print articles, I did not realize that this would catch up as a movement so quickly.

I had in my article of  5th February pointed out that Arnab Goswami of Republic had contributed to the popularity of Twitter by linking Twitter hashtags to his debates on TV and encouraging the cross platform promotion of his news/views.

It was therefore an atonement for Mr Arnab that he has now taken up the campaign against Twitter and is actively promoting Koo.

I had also called for the Ministries and some prominent political people including the PMO and Modi to switch to Koo. It appears that  the switch  is happening.

Once the prominent members of the Nationalist social media participants switch to Koo or Tooter then Twitter will realize that any of the propaganda they are indulging in will not reach their intended audience in India.

If Rihanaa or Greta tweets and their followers who have no stake in India view them, it will not have the effect that the propogandists will have. The Washington Post may join them but it has no credibility of its own.

It is ironic that #kooapp is trending on Twitter. For some time this would be necessary so that the message reaches out to more of Indian Twitter users who can shift to Koo which at present seems to have won the lead over Tooter.

It will take some time for the real impact of this campaign on Twitter to be known. But the increased downloads of Koo (Also see here) indicate that the popularity of Koo is surging. It has now crossed 4 million downloads. In August Koo download was only around 5 lakhs and it has grown at the rate of more than one lakh since the last few days to reach nearly 5 million now.

It appears that Koo has now crossed the critical level of popularity which will sustain a momentum for it to grow further.

Let’s all welcome Koo and wish it to be a success.

We can also take this opportunity to recognize how WhatsApp and Twitter have endangered their business with an inadequate handling of their Compliance responsibility. It is in this context that the the Personal Data Protection Standard of India (PDPSI) promoted by Naavi and FDPPI places “Communication” as one of the standards for data protection.


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