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RBI issues Advisory on Bitcoin

After a long wait, RBI finally came out with a caution advise on “Virtual Currency” with specific reference to Bitcoins. Copy of the Advisory is here RBI has conveyed caution on the potential financial, operational, legal, customer protection and security … Continue reading

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TV Anchor robbed of his Bitcoins right on the show

In an amusing real life story that provides an interesting lesson in information security, a Bloomberg TV anchor found that his $20 worth Bitcoin holding was stolen by a viewer when the anchor displayed his private key on the show. … Continue reading

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Why RBI cannot /need not/should not ban Bitcoins?

[P.S: Kindly Note that subsequent to writing of this post in December 2013, and observing the lack of self regulatory attitude of the Bitcoin managers and the continuing use of the Bitcoin by criminals, Naavi has clarified his view on … Continue reading

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Did RSA Compromise on its integrity?

The security community suffered a shock recently when it was realized that NSA had paid $10 million to push through a encryption technology promoted by the agency through a RSA product. It is understood that NSA promoted a Dual Elliptical … Continue reading

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Richest Bitcoin Owner

Though Bitcoin holdings in wallets are expressed in terms of hash values and donot publicly reveal the name of the owner, the transactions from one address to another are always public (part of the block chain). By systematically studying the … Continue reading

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More Credit Card frauds in store

Recently a fraud of Rs 63 lakhs involvingĀ  gross negligence by Bank employees not ruling out their involvement. It is said that the Bank believed that the customer had a sore throat and executed large transactions including closing of FDs … Continue reading

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