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54 crypto currencies?

According to a recent report the number of Crypto currencies presently available is arond 54 and not 10 as was hitherto thought. Refer article Since the Bitcoin protocol is an open source protocol, it is possible for clones to be … Continue reading

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Beware of virus riding on Bitcoin

With the exploding interest developing in India on the Bitcoin, the malware writers will be looking at every possibility of using the bitcoin craze to spread viruses and trojans. Already, spam mails appear to be in circulation trying to entice … Continue reading

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China Loves it…Thailand hates it.. The Bitcoin saga continues

With the Bitcoin currency value touching US$1200 ¬†and dropping to $800 before settling at $1005 within three days, the Bitcoin has continued to capture the global attention of different kinds of people. Regulators in particular are getting nervous about how … Continue reading

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