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Should Bitcoin be regulated?

The ongoing discussions in USA on Bitcoins has reopened the debate on how much the community needs to do to get the acceptance of Bitcoins by the main stream currency regulators. There is one section of the community who profess … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Fan demands RBI to be transparent

A Canada based NRI has demanded that RBI cannot be ambiguous on its policy on Bitcoins. Mr Venugopal, an NRI has caused a notice to be issued to RBI that the RBI circular on Bitcoins is vague and creates confusion … Continue reading

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Bitcoin discussed in the Davos Meet

The global economic forum seems to have found time to discuss the emergence of Bitcoins. It is reported that Mr Uday Kotak of the Kotak group in India has suggested that crypto currencies need to be taken note of. A … Continue reading

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NaMO needs to zero in on a Crypto Currency policy to fulfill his promise

As was expected, Swiss Banks who lead the world in laundering unaccounted money have moved fast to ensure that its black money balances which includes balances worth US$ 1.4 trillion of Indians are not drawn out of the country. It … Continue reading

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Black Money Control.. ZeMo-INR as an instrument of implementation

On 19th January 2014, Mr Narendra Modi (NaMo) unveiled his vision as a PM designate of BJP for the 2014  Loksabha elections. Out of the various points raised by him, one was on the bringing back of the Black money … Continue reading

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Maharashtra Adjudicator defines CDR as “Sensitive Personal Information”

In an interesting case decided by the Maharashtra Adjudicator Mr Rajesh Aggarwal, compenation of Rs 18 lakhs was granted to a client against the Bank (ICICI Bank) and the Mobile Service Provider(Vodafone) in a phishing case. The case was handled … Continue reading

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