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Paris Attack Fall out.. Bitcoin is in danger of going into Extinction.

One of the inevitable fall outs of the global outrage on ISIS after the Paris attack is an attempt by all countries to choke ISIS of its funding sources. ┬áIt is estimated that ISIS holds a huge stock of Bitcoins … Continue reading

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Bitcoin in new form?

Bitcoin has been in discussion for some time. In India the response for Bitcoin has been mixed. While initially it attracted the attention of entrepreneurs setting up echange services, the RBI frowned upon the system and ED moved in to … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Exchange goes offline

In a huge blow to the Bitcon community, MtGox, the biggest Bitcoin exchange has gone offline following what is believed to be a hacker’s attack leading to loss of critical information which may affect the transactions of its customers. More … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Development in India..

During the last one month the Bitcoin community is waiting to see how the regulatory uncertainties in India are shaping up. RBI has come up with it’s advisory with a rider that it may ┬árevise its view on Bitcoins any … Continue reading

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Apple removes Bitcoin apps from the appstore

In a telling blow to the Bitcoin community, Apple has taken a policy stand to remove all applications from the app store stating that “they may not include content that enables, facilitates or encourages an activity that some countries deem … Continue reading

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RBI’s silence on Bitcoins

A Canadian resident Venugopal Badarawada has sent a notice to RBI seeking clarifications on RBI’s stand on Bitcoins, and opened a window of opportunity for RBI to come out with a clarification on its stand on Bitcons. The earlier press … Continue reading

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