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Press Should not misrepresent Bitcoins

Whenever press writes an article about Bitcoin, they use pictures similar to the following.  This picture immediately invokes the thought of a fiat currency and regulators start thinking  how anybody can “mint” such coins  without their permission. However the correct … Continue reading

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Why India is an attractive market for Bitcoins

India is a country which tops in the annual inward remittances. In 2012, the total inward remittances were estimated at US$ 69 billion. China with US$ 60 billion was the second best. (Refer article). In the year 2013, despite the … Continue reading

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Bitcoin Community in India organizing itself

Countering the recent enforcement enquiries on two of the Bitcon traders in Ahmedabad and one in Tumkur/Bangalore, some of the operators in Bitcoin community have tried to organize themselves into an interest group so as to take up their case … Continue reading

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