Did RSA Compromise on its integrity?

The security community suffered a shock recently when it was realized that NSA had paid $10 million to push through a encryption technology promoted by the agency through a RSA product. It is understood that NSA promoted a Dual Elliptical Curve encryption formula and RSA embedded it in their product BSafe. It was meant for deployment in PCs.

It is now known that this formula for random number generation had certain flaws which some experts have called nothing but a “Backdoor”. Now that it is known that NSA had spent money on pushing through the product it is logical to conclude that this was a deliberate act of NSA to have a backdoor means of spying on communication encrypted with BSafe.

The revelation has embarrassed RSA and compromised its own integrity as a security product supplier.

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In the light of NSA penetrating the otherwise reputed organizations like RSA, some experts in India has warned that UIDAI entering into some arrangements with US based Companies with suspected CIA connection may not be in the interest of Indian national security.


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