Online Filing of Cyber Crime Complaints

A long awaited measure to make filing of Cyber Crime Complaints easy has now been announced by the Central Government.

According to the news reports emerging, Government of India is setting up a central portal where such a complaint can be filed either by a victim or any good samaritan.  (refer here)

The complaint will be registered and numbered and the jurisdictional police station would be alerted. The status of the complaint gets updated at appropriate levels so that it can be followed up.

This is a simple provision that was recommended long time back and is now seeing the light of the day. An earlier attempt was made in some states including Karnataka to introduce such a system but it remained on paper since the police establishment did not support the move. Hopefully this time it is a reality.

Further details are awaited.


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Naavi is a veteran Cyber Law specialist in India and is presently working from Bangalore as an Information Assurance Consultant. Pioneered concepts such as ITA 2008 compliance, Naavi is also the founder of Cyber Law College, a virtual Cyber Law Education institution. He now has been focusing on the projects such as Secure Digital India and Cyber Insurance
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1 Response to Online Filing of Cyber Crime Complaints

  1. Cyber Awareness Organisation has initiated this move quite a long time ago and till date have provided remedial advice to cyber fraud victims across India.The demo of this proposal was also given to OSD IT of Maharashtra government on 31 March 2015. This announcement is very welcome move and should not remain a promise only.By demonetization move and migration towards cashless transactions,these online frauds are bound to grow many folds and needs to be combated on priority basis.As traditional police mechanism is totally outdated to cope up technological frauds,a centralized fraud reporting as well as monitoring and controlling agency is need oh the hour. Present government needs to be applauded for this initiate,if it really becomes reality soon. In the mean I appeal cyber crime /cyber fraud victims to call 09225109900 for remedial advice.This CYBER CRIME HELPLINE is managed and operated by CYBER AWARENESS ORGANISATION.

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