The New Theory of Data

Can there be a single answer to “What is Data” which resolves the dilemma of the common man?

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P.S: This concept was expanded through a series of articles culminating in a discussion in the book on Personal Data Protection Act of India (PDPA 2020). Though this is an academical discussion, this discussion is required to develop Data Protection Jurisprudence for the future.

The other articles can be found through a search on Theory of Data  Some of the key articles explaining the theory is also given below.

October 8 2019: New Data Theory of Naavi built on three hypotheses

October 8, 2019: Theory of Data and Definition Hypothesis

October 10, 2019: Reversible Life Cycle hypothesis of the theory of Data

October 11, 2019: Additive value hypothesis of ownership of data

November 20 2019: Will Personal Data Protection Act be compatible to the Theory of Data?

March 31, 2018: Theory of Dynamic Personal Data

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  1. V Rajendran\ says:

    Very interesting beginning. Waiting for more and more descriptions.

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