The EVM Hacking…..Despicable Lies to Soften Targets

It is terribly unfortunate that the Congress Party under Sonia/Rahul has turned one of the biggest enemies of the country just because it wants to capture power. While it is its right to fight the election and win, it has no right to undermine the country the way they are doing now.

The so called Cyber Expert Syed Shuja in association with the Indian Journalists Association, UK, under the watchful eyes of Mr Kapil Sibal, made many statements that Indian EVMs were programmed for hacking and used in 2014 by BJP to win the elections. He also made statements that the opposition parties are also aware of this but they were very honest and did not use it when they won the recent elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab. Also he stated that Gauri Lankesh in Bangalore who was shot probably because of some difference with her Naxal friends and Gopinath Munde who died in a road accident were both murdered because they knew that EVM could be tampered. Perhaps he thinks no body else in BJP or in the opposition knew it and hence were not murdered.

The claims are so childish that even a discussion on the same appears a needless recognition for this anti India tirade.

I would like to however discuss a related aspect which is that Congress has been adopting a psychological strategy to soften the institutional heads and turn them into either their supporters or at least make them incapable of taking necessary actions in the course of their duty which may go against the Congress.

The strategy starts with spreading lies and accusing a person in charge of an important office of being corrupt and favouring BJP. Continue it’s campaign with the help of some part of the bought over media until the honest person gets so disgusted that he will be over come with decision paralysis.

They first tried this effectively against the previous CJI by bringing about an impeachment discussion though they knew that it could not progress. They then withdrew it but gave a notice to the other Judges that if they donot toe the line of Congress, there would be an impeachment action against them also along with mis-information in the media.

They thus softened the Supreme Court which today agrees to take up any issue brought up by the Congress advocates and issues notices to the Government even if the matter is meaningless. Supreme Court has also been obliging in postponing the National Herald Case and the Ayodhya case endlessly to suit the Congress. In the bargain the credibility of the Supreme Court has been hurt.

They attacked CVC during the Alok Varma dispute and made it look as if CVC office itself is unreliable. CVC has already been discredited because CVC reports on the UPA scams are well known.

Now Congress is targeting the Election Commission by targeting the EVMs. If EVMs were being tampered for the last 5 years, all Election Commissioners who held the office should also be compromised.

The claims made by Syed Shuja are so absurd that it does not merit any serious discussion. But it can be a gossip which can keep circulating and used by the politicians in their public speeches.  This is a strategy which Congress is pursuing and will be reasonably successful also.

Many people in the professional circles are falling prey to this propaganda and advocating various measures which will dilute the credibility of the Indian Election Commission.

We request professionals to raise above their individual political views and ensure that false technology narratives are not used to discredit our country’s apex institutions.

I wish the Government/ECI takes immediate legal action against the Indian Journalists Association, UK and Syed Shuja, as well as Kapil Sibal for  direct or indirect association with the false propaganda.



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