Good Wishes on Data Privacy Day

Data Privacy Day is being celebrated since 2018 across the globe to increase the awareness about Privacy.

With the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA-2018) under process, India is taking a significant step towards bringing in a comprehensive data protection regulation which is a step ahead of the global regulation including GDPR.

But we need to remember that Data Protection Act in India actually came into being on 17th October 2000 in the form of Information Technology Act  2000 which gave protection to all data including personal data, sensitive personal data and other data by providing civil compensation under section 43 and criminal punishments under Section 66. This was further strengthened on 27th October 2009 with Section 43A, Section 72A in particular and other sections such as Section 67C etc.

Let us celebrate the international data privacy day of 2019 with the expectation that before the year is out, India will have its own Privacy Act.


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