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Supreme Court cannot ignore the Virtual ID development regarding Aadhaar

Supreme Court has now come to the end of hearing the PIL on the Aadhaar. Whatever be the actual petition it is clear that the opposition to Aadhaar stems mainly from the Black Money holders and Benami property holders who … Continue reading

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How Aadhaar security reaches a new dimension with Virtual Aadhaar ID

Aadhaar has been the center of Privacy debate for quite some time in India and has even attracted international attention. Amidst the criticisms that Aadhaar system is not properly secured and therefore it may lead to loss of privacy of … Continue reading

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It is Y2K moment again in India, with Virtual Aadhaar ID

It appears as if the Anti Aadhaar lobby in India has just been outsmarted by the UIDAI with its proposition of the “Virtual Aadhaar ID” as a response to the many complaints about the leakage of Aadhaar information. The Supreme … Continue reading

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