Adjudicator of Maharashtra (Mr Rajesh Aggarwal) has reportedly awarded a compensation of Rss 45 lakhs in a phishing case against PNB.

As per the copy of the order available on the website of DIT, Maharashtra, out of the total amount of Rs 80.10 lakhs transferred out of the account, about Rs 37,64,675/- had been frozen in the beneficiaries accounts and recovered.

After the series of decisions in Chennai this is another welcome decision to the Bank customers. PNB which has several pending cases including a 1.65 crore case in Delhi must be making necessary provisions to meet the liabilities.

This is reported to be one of the 13 cases in which the Adjudicator has passed orders against 9 different Banks, 4 telecom companies and 2 mobile recharge portals.

Naavi is happy that the principle that Banks are liable for Phishing established with the S.Umashankar Vs ICICI Bank is now getting wider acceptance. This is an extremely heartening development.

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Report in Financial Express


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