Is Net4India closing its operations?

For some time now I have been trying to reach out to Net4India for some of my services and I am finding that the Company seems to have gone silent on customer interactions.

I have observed technical glitches because of which repeated demands are being raised for renewal of domain names even after they have been renewed leading to double payments which we never know will be reversed.

It is possible that this is not a technical glitch but actually an attempt to defraud the customers.

If any domain name expires without being renewed because of the inefficiency or attempt to extract double payments on renewal, then Net4India will be liable for compensation arising out of loss of domain name and consequent denial of access.

As a Company responsible for such denial of access Net4India will be liable under Section 43 and 66 of ITA 2000/8 and its Directors and executives will be liable under Section 85.

I have personally tried to reach out to the Director and Senior officials of the Company but no one seems to respond. The Help desk number is not picked up the customer relations officer is not responding to e-mails.

Last but most significant is that the e-mail remains unresponsive.

When the legal department does not respond to a charge of possible fraud, it means some thing is seriously wrong with the company.

Net4 India has a huge stake in customer records and thousands of Indian websites run on their domain name/E_mail services or hosted in their servers. Many of the Government websites are running on the server certificates issued by Net4india and probably even hosted on its servers.

Under such circumstances, if Net4India as a company goes down, there will be a serious Cyber Issue in the country.

I am placing this national Cyber Security concern in the public space so that if any person in Delhi has any personal contact with Net4India, they can try to get confirmation on my apprehension that the Company may be in the process of winding up its operations either in full or partly.

I also request TRAI and CERT-IN to look into the reasons why Net4India remains unresponsive and if the public interest is threatened.


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About Vijayashankar Na

Naavi is a veteran Cyber Law specialist in India and is presently working from Bangalore as an Information Assurance Consultant. Pioneered concepts such as ITA 2008 compliance, Naavi is also the founder of Cyber Law College, a virtual Cyber Law Education institution. He now has been focusing on the projects such as Secure Digital India and Cyber Insurance
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41 Responses to Is Net4India closing its operations?

  1. Rakhee says:

    Please suggest was your concern resolved? If yes how? I am facing similar issue they are keeping my money and not returning instaed of several follow up.

  2. Dippankar says:

    This guys must be closing down. They have frequent outages. Our business is suffering frequently with their outages. We are transferring domain to GoDaddy now. We should sue them for the damage, in fact we plan to do so now.

  3. Vaishnavi says:

    Today almost 20 sites hosted by us are down since last 24 hours. Their phone number +91 11 45980000 is switched off. The tockets raised are not being rsolved. The emails sent to account manager are not revereted back. The outage is neither communicated not responded.
    Is it due to Covid 19? The company is making losses, shared are not traded….Something is certainly wrong with this comapny. If anyone has any clue do let us know.

  4. Shuaib says:

    From past one month my website is down, my emails are being returned. no response from Net4. What should I do ?

  5. Even same issue with me… My site and other hosting services are not working since March 20.. even though I have paid for 10 years renewal online but it’s just shows in process… Nobody is responding… Today finally I logged an online complaint with National consumer helpline… Not sure what would happen to my sites..

    • Sandeep S says:

      I am in same situation, paid for the renewal but it’s showing inproces for quite a long time now. Did complaint with National consumer helpline help ?

  6. Absolutely horrible service… I feel they should voluntarily hand over the business to some other ISP and save thousands of customers interest …

  7. Rohit Chawla says:

    Their phone number +91 11 45980000 is never responsive (Display Name comes as CAPITAL ADVISORS)… says pseudo message… network congestion… which we are hearing for almost more than a month… no response ever… SUCH a unprofessional treatment… The Helpdesk tickets raised are ALSO NOT being responded, WHAT to EXPECT of RESOLUTION… !! The emails sent to account manager are not revereted back. The outage is neither communicated not responded…

    Moreover they have LOCKED our DOMAIN and WE CANNOT even MIGRATE… and WE are incurring a HUGE LOSS…

    Surprisingly, they TAKING IN NEW RENEWALS… WE renewed DOmain NAME with them (had no choice), but at Whooping Cost (for .com domain /year)… ANyways, we had no choice…

    • T Ashok says:

      Hello All
      Some information on Net4 from MCA Site.
      Date of last AGM : 30/09/2016
Date of Balance Sheet : 31/03/2016
Company Status(for efiling): Under Process of Striking Of

      What is MCA strike off status?
      Answered Aug 9, 2017. If the company has a status of strike off on MCA it already means that company has been closed. If you have not closed your company by filling form STK-2 ,then it shows that ROC has closed your company itself due to irregularities in the company, not filling annual return for more than 3 years.

      Guess the company is closed?

    • SUNIL MEHTA says:

      Our domain is also registered with net4 india & we have a bizmailplus account with them for all our company staff . Nothing is working since last 15 days & no one is answering at their given contact numbers . No one is responding to the mails sent also . In such case how can we transfer our domain from them to better service provider .

      Please help

  8. T Ashok says:

    One of my website has become inaccessible as they Net4 did not renew my domain despite me paying the fees a month before the expiry date.

    Phones, Helpdesk chat, Trouble ticket, support all go unanswered. Am messed up totally.

    Any help appreciated.

    ash (at) stag software (dot) com

  9. Amit KKumar says:

    My domain has been locks and tranfer is prohibited wven i renewed it.
    I dont know what is happening. They were reponding month back but now no respo se and emails keeps bouncing

  10. Rakesh Gupta says:

    Last year I got my domain transferred to Net4 and thet issued GST Invoice but later when I field my GST Return then came to know that even before issuing the Invoice they surrendered their GST Number. I logged the complaint with DG-GST but no action was taken.

    Now after struggling with them, finally I decided to move my domain to another Registrar but there is no option to unlock the domain on Net4 and totally stuck what to do.

    The customer care numbers are not working now and get the message that Number is Invalid.

    Please advise me what should I do now so that all my websites and domains are safe.

  11. I have taken up the matter with Mr Samiran Gupta of ICANN as well as MeitY. Kindly see

  12. Anantharam says:


    Here is what i found on linkedIn

    we confined the people behind this net4 here, i hope someone could contact them and get the current status of their company.


  13. Anantharam says:


    Found another link where net4 has applied for bankcrupsy–may-29-2019

    Whats next, don’t know how to safeguard our domains?


  14. Anantharam says:


    wondering is that only clients who have been cheated by net4 or even employees?

    Its shocking to see that, they are still hiring business development executives.

    Recently just 15 days back they have posted requirements for the job.

    Something is fishy….


  15. Advocate Dr Mahendra Limaye says:

    These complainants needs to be represented collectively before appropriate legal forums.
    I am willing to represent the same.

  16. Santosh says:

    I am also not able to contact Net4. I have paid for my registered domain upto Aug 2021, but my domain is being shown expired in August 2020. Inside the control panel of Net4, the status of my domain is being shown as “In Progress”. How to handle this crisis ?

  17. Prashant K says:

    Hello ,

    We have also booked a new domain on net4india just a month ago and now when customer wanted to activate the domain it was not working.

    We have multiple domains and hosting sites with net4india. So please let me know if we have some way out of this situation.

  18. Atif says:


    I am unable to make payment for my domain renewal, the its goes to cart and gets stuck at payment page..

    when i click on the the button Pay Now, there is a message
    Please select payment mode. in that page there is no option to select payment mode..

    Kindly advice how to do make the payment and renew the domain.

  19. SUNIL MEHTA says:

    Our domain is also registered with net4 india & we have a bizmailplus account with them for all our company staff . Nothing is working since last 15 days & no one is answering at their given contact numbers . No one is responding to the mails sent also . In such case how can we transfer our domain from them to better service provider .

    Please help

    • Hello Mr. Sunil, We are Adbangs Technologies in Bangalore and we are providing full support for all the net4 India victims. Mail us details about your domain name to

      We support you… Along with domain transfer you get 1 year free Linux hosting for your business website (static or small cms website only). You may whatsapp to 8884360777 also for immediate response. Adbangs technologies digital marketing services from bangalore

  20. Amit Kalra says:

    Dear All
    I also have had a partner account with Net4 for more than 10 years now. I had over 100 domains with them till about 2 years ago but slowly managed to transfer out most of them but still last 10 domains are stuck.
    In the last week we managed to get some domains transferred out.
    If you look at the whois of domains some domains that were there with Net4 do not show Net4India as registrar but instead show “Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Openprovider” as Registrar.
    I have been pursuing with openprovider as they are listed as registrars of my remaining domains. There has been some success in this but it is a long process.
    If you want any help with this feel free to contact me at amit kal at gmail

  21. RAMAN NAIR R says:

    What is happening to Net4. We are also not able to contact them for last six months. We have our domains with them and paid upto 2025. But our domain is being shown as “In Progress”. management of the domains is not possible. No support. No response to to telephone, e-mail. Help/support tickets still remain unanswered.

  22. T S Lee says:

    I tried emailing

    but no response

  23. Madhu jain says:

    I have been trying to renew my domain hosting and email valid till January 2021
    But no response. Cannot reach the “pay now “ icon .

    In case they are closing down , at least they shud let their clients know . In case I lose my domain and hosting i will sue them as somebody else may take my domain
    Name from another company. I have it on my visiting cards etc I will have to look for another to just my website . That will be too big an effort as all info abc photos will need to give again . What the hell why don’t they publish closure on their website .

  24. Madhu jain says:

    Net4 cEO jasjit sawhney is apparently in jail fir illegal
    Termination of international telephone calls on mobile networks

    Net4 May be seeing a closure .
    Clients save your data and move to other registrars .
    This means loss and a lot of work as the websites are
    Not working in case we want to transfer data etc new ones will
    have to be made which means lot of extra cost .

    Net 4 shud ve booked for all losses and terminating websites hosting and emails

  25. Lee says:

    We had two domains on net4.
    We asked net4 for an auth code via registered email, and they send us a link for each domain.
    We clicked on the link, and they send us the auth code.
    We used the auth codes to move the domains to the new registrar.
    The domains got transferred within one week.
    We also had sent mails to nixi contacts; we don’t know whether that helped.

  26. Hello, it is very sad news for all the net4 India clients. We at adbangs Technologies, Bangalore can assist you with all problems related to web hosting, domain name, Email, and many more.

    Kindly contact us for best services in the industry at best price.

  27. I am talking behalf of adbangs technology. We will give our complete support to transfer your domain. Please visit or call in this particular mobile no(8884360777) to know the complete facilities.

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