BSNL Vs BSNL in Bangalore while FTTH customers suffer

[P.S: Immediately after the publication of this article, a representative from the Franchisee visited the premises and set right the connectivity. The problem therefore was resolved. The MD of the Franchisee personally intervened to resolve the issue. I thank him for his prompt action.]

Recently, BSNL has introduced FTTH services for Internet through Fiber a Bangalore. Based on a marketing call from BSNL offering conversion of the existing copper line connection to Fiber connection, I opted for the conversion. Since then it has been a nightmare leading to my asking BSNL to revert my service back to the Copper line status.

During the last one month the two departments of BSNL, the Copper wire team which is losing one account and the FTTH team which is gaining a new account are fighting with each other and my connection went dead just two days after it was activated.

Along with the Internet, even the telephone line also has not been working.  As an  existing telephone subscriber opting for this service, I have been subjected to a denial of even the existing services.

The installation was done by a franchisee who supplied the modem and completed the wiring at a cost of Rs 4500/-. I had to later also get my electrician and spend some money to get the wiring properly laid out.

Initially, as soon as the request for the service was registered, before the new connection was provided, the earlier telephone line was disconnected. So for nearly 3 weeks the existing telephone went dead before the installation of the modem. The telephone line now runs through the modem and if there is any disruption of the cable, my telephone would also go off. Since this is an overhead cable like the TV cable operator, the possibility of cable being cut by some body is also possible. If it happens, it is not only the Internet which goes down but also the telephone.

The new connection which was activated after about 3 weeks worked for two days. By that time due date for payment of the telephone bill arrived and on receipt of reminder, payment was made through the BSNL portal as usual.

But now I find that the billing department of the Copper team has not accounted the payment and the FTTH team has promptly and without notice disconnected both the Internet and the telephone.

After speaking to the relevant persons, I get a feeling that this inter departmental rivalry will not allow this service to be effective. Any time in the future also, each month I need to check whether the bill payment is going to the Copper team or the FTTH team.

I have therefore asked BSNL to withdraw the connection and restore my copper line since I am interested in retaining the land line connection.

Though this would result in a loss of over Rs 6000/- to me for having tried to support the new service of BSNL, I would like every new customer thinking of a similar connection to carefully consider whether they need to avail of this service.

Even during the two days, the connectivity has not been great and there is no reason why the service should be preferred.

I think it is time for BSNL to stop marketing this service to avoid it being termed a scam.

I am forwarding this incident report to the BSNL top management as well as the DOT and see if there is any resolution.

In the meantime, I would request all customers not to opt for the scheme which is poorly designed and avoid switching over from their copper line to the FTTH line. I donot believe that even if the connection had been a new connection directly from the FTTH team, the service would have been better.


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