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Allahabad High Court trapped in another political PIL

We are aware that the innocuous MHA order on designating 10 agencies through which a competent authority can order interception of electronic communication for reasons of security of state etc., has already been questioned through two PILs in the Supreme … Continue reading

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Anti Data Localization Lobby and Anti Aadhaar lobby working to push PDPA Bill to the June Session?

A Strong lobby in the industry is working against the Personal Data Protection Bill being passed with the current provisions which the Justice Srikrishna Committee has suggested. The principal objection of the lobby is to the provision of the Bill … Continue reading

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Meity Needs to take assistance of techno legal experts on Section 79

It has become a fashion for some advocates to raise an alarm on anything that the Government does to curb Cyber Anarchy. These people who consider that the Supreme Court is their backyard, keep lodging PILs opposing every action of … Continue reading

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Naavi’s 5×5 Data Trust Score System… some clarifications

Based on some of the comments received to my article on Data Trust Scoring System yesterday,  I am providing the following clarifications: It is a Framework The concept named “Naavi’s 5×5 Data Trust Score”© System  is a new concept introduced to meet the … Continue reading

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Naavi’s Data Trust Score Model unleashed in the New year

At the dawn of the new year, India is on the threshold of a new “Data Protection Regime”. While the critics will continue to debate the Data Localization and the RTI related objections, the Government is likely to quietly go … Continue reading

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