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The GDPR dilemma… Am I a Data Controller? or a Data Processor?

The European Union data protection regulation namely the EU GDPR  which has attracted global attention due to the twin provisions of “Applicable to a controller or processor not established in the union” (ed: in some circumstances) and the obnoxiously huge administrative … Continue reading

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Who is Bhusan of Kolkata Police? Why does he make Abusive calls?

Yesterday, a senior citizen of Bengaluru received an abusive call from a mobile number 9051660028 stating that he is from Kolkata Police and made some unfound allegations against the called person and threatened him with dire consequences. The True caller … Continue reading

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Is Business Contact Data, Personal Data under GDPR?

One of the questions that is bugging Companies engaged in some kind of marketing to corporate executives is whether a “Work E-Mail”or “Work Phone number” , which is the “Business Contact Information” (BCI) qualifies itself as “Personal Information” (PI) under … Continue reading

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Shafhi Mohammad Judgement encourages Face Book Crime… Calling the attention of the Chief Justice of India

The January 30, 2018 order of the two member bench of the Supreme Court consisting of  Justices A.K.Goel and U.U.Lalit, in the case of Shafhi Mohammad Vs State of Himachal Pradesh dated 30th January 2018 (SPECIAL LEAVE PETITION (CRL.)  was discussed … Continue reading

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