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Aadhaar Adds another security layer to frustrate “Benami” s.

It appears that UIDAI is in race with the Supreme Court to ensure that the Court does not take any decision to question the use of Aadhaar as it is presently planned. Aadhar has evoked a mixed response from the … Continue reading

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Privacy law cannot be only a tool for hiding oneself

We often say that “One person’s right to extend the arm ends at the tip of the nose of the next person”. This is a well known cliche but often forgotten by those who are over enthusiastic on “Privacy” including … Continue reading

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Public Consultation on Data Protection Law….some points of discussion-3

(This is a continuation of the previous article) 3.  A lot of discussion centered around the issue of “Consent” and “Informed Consent”. The issues were about the need for and effect of consents as an instrument of Privacy protection. There … Continue reading

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