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Section 65B Certificate is like the Digital Signature

The system of Section 65B (IEA)  Certification was born along with Information Technology Act 2000 and has been in place  with effect from 17th October 2000. However, it was only in 2015, after the P.K.Basheer judgement of the Supreme Court stating … Continue reading

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Recipient of an E Mail must have the right to know the sender’s IP address

We speak a lot about “SPAM” and need to prevent it. We also speak of Phishing and other forms of impersonation that arises because people can send out e-mails (and also hide their domain registration details) all in the name … Continue reading

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Is Government of Karnataka preparing itself to facilitate Real Estate Frauds?

Today’s Kannada Prabha (Bangalore Edition) has carried an article as above. It is titled “Online Property Registration System: Confusion”. The article goes on to indicate that the Government of Karnataka has prepared itself for introducing a new system of property … Continue reading

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Bangalore Cyber Crime Police record a notable success…What next?

It was heartening to note today that Times of India front news page carried a news of a successful Cyber Crime prevention operation in which Skimming in 5 ATMs were detected before any customer reported a loss. Normally Banks realize … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Modi, Can you see how China can manipulate Bitcoin Wealth?..Why is Your Government blind?

Global Bitcoin prices that had skyrocketed to Us$5000 about 15 days back, has suddenly fallen to around US$3500 now. In Indian currency the rate which struck a high of Rs 353519 has now fallen to around Rs 230000/-. One of … Continue reading

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An Affidavit will not be a proper format for Section 65B Certificate

As we all know though the first Sec 65B certificate was produced to a Court way back in 2004, it was only after the P.K.Basheer case that the world of law enforcement has taken note of the law as was … Continue reading

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