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Section 65B Certificate is like the Digital Signature

The system of Section 65B (IEA) ¬†Certification was born along with Information Technology Act 2000 and has been in place ¬†with effect from 17th October 2000.¬†However, it was only in 2015, after the P.K.Basheer judgement of the Supreme Court stating … Continue reading

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Recipient of an E Mail must have the right to know the sender’s IP address

We speak a lot about “SPAM” and need to prevent it. We also speak of Phishing and other forms of impersonation that arises because people can send out e-mails (and also hide their domain registration details) all in the name … Continue reading

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Is Government of Karnataka preparing itself to facilitate Real Estate Frauds?

Today’s Kannada Prabha (Bangalore Edition) has carried an article as above. It is titled “Online Property Registration System: Confusion”. The article goes on to indicate that the Government of Karnataka has prepared itself for introducing a new system of property … Continue reading

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Bangalore Cyber Crime Police record a notable success…What next?

It was heartening to note today that Times of India front news page carried a news of a successful Cyber Crime prevention operation in which Skimming in 5 ATMs were detected before any customer reported a loss. Normally Banks realize … Continue reading

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Dear Mr Modi, Can you see how China can manipulate Bitcoin Wealth?..Why is Your Government blind?

Global Bitcoin prices that had skyrocketed to Us$5000 about 15 days back, has suddenly fallen to around US$3500 now. In Indian currency the rate which struck a high of Rs 353519 has now fallen to around Rs 230000/-. One of … Continue reading

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An Affidavit will not be a proper format for Section 65B Certificate

As we all know though the first Sec 65B certificate was produced to a Court way back in 2004, it was only after the P.K.Basheer case that the world of law enforcement has taken note of the law as was … Continue reading

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