There is an entity called namo smartphone at IPO Building, 7 Race Course Street, Delhi 110001, with phone +91 7905457748 and e-mail address

This entity seems to own a domain name called FLIPKART-BIG-BILLION-DAY-SALE.COM and is offering some special gifts and sending out the following message through WhatsApp.

At first glance it appears as if it is a Flipkart official site since there is such a sale presently going on. Obviously, it is not.

The domain name has been registered at in the name “Namo Smartphone” which uses the familiar nick name of Mr Narendra Modi.

This therefore represents violation of two trademarks with an objective of misleading the public through “Impersonation”. It is therefore both an offence under Trademark Act and Section 66C of ITA 2000/8.

From the registration details, it appears that the domain name has been running since last 10 days without Flipkart recognizing it.

A little while earlier another WhatsApp message with special offers under the domain name was also received .

This domain is registered in the name of “GHFTYD FTYFT”, with phone number +91.9876545367 and e-mail ID, It appears that this person must be having several domain name registrations and all of them could be considered as tools for committing frauds.

With little effort, both these fraudsters can be traced if either Flipkart or the Police is really interested in public good.

It is only because companies like are only interested in making money in domain names and not interested in public welfare and ICANN Is also encouraging this tendency to book domain names in fictitious names of registrants that such frauds are being facilitated.

I urge the Police to initiate action in these two cases which we are placing in the public domain and I urge Flipkart to register a complaint.

We have seen that whenever a new film is released, hundreds of websites are blocked under the suspicion that links to pirated copies would be made available in these sites, and even some Courts have issued orders of such nature on  “Unknown Potential Offenders”.

In such cases there is a producer who loses money and hence takes some action.  But in the Flipkart case, it is only the public who may lose money and hence no body seems to be bothered.

At least in this case since the reputation of Mr Modi is involved, will the Police take action?