Views and Articles on Cyber Laws
(With Special Reference to India)
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Comprehensive List upto 2004

List For 2005-2007

Miscellaneous Issues
How Changes in a Printed Document could amount to Hacking
Error by Pune Police brings discredit to ITA 2000
Indian Express Page Compromised?
Kudos to the Parliamentary Committee
Recipe for Killing Journalistic Ethics
Why Times of India is Wrong
Please do not try to manipulate public opinion with planted stories
Legal Crisis in the Digital Signature System
Cyber Crime Help Desk Required at CBI
International Conference on Cyber Crimes
Can States Pass Laws for the Cyber Space?
Hacking into the SIM Card
Swiss Cash..a scam brewing
Google to Digitize Ancient Scriptures in Mysore
Beware of the Job Offer
Bob Woolmer's Murder and Cyber Forensics
Mashelkar's Report and the threatening IPR Regime
Concept of SOA and Cyber Laws
Social Networking Websites to be barred from US Schools?
"Learn to Unlearn", the first principle  of "Cyber Jurisprudence
Indian Banks...Facilitating International Frauds?
When Your ISP makes you a Criminal !
The Blog Blocking Controversy..Is it legal?
Who Owns BPO Assets?
Mission-"Cyber Law Awareness"
SBI...and TCS.. owe an explanation
SBI.. Solid Foundation is Melting
Is ICICI Bank Offering a Secure Online Banking Experience?
Year 2005, An Year of Turbulence
Indian Law Graduates Need to Look for Corporate Careers
Results Out.. Certificates Not...
Is Women's Harassment Legislation Amenable to Abuse?
IT Companies Now Have one More Concern
New System of Web Advertising Corrupting the Internet System
A Unique Collaborative Venture of Arbitrators in India
Should Cyber Marriages be Banned
Cyber Media Sends IPO Offers through e-mail..Violating SEBI Norms?
Kannada Site in Cyber Law
Looking Back at the Indian Cyber Regulatory Space..2004
CyLawCom Issues
Data Protection, a perspective
Reorienting Information Security Infrastructure
Security Hazard in Computerized Environment
Ignorance Induced Frauds..reduction through training
Oracle Faces Public Wrath
CyLawCom for Cooperative Banks in India
Basel II and Cyber Law Compliance
Cyber Security Issues
Employee of India Infoline Ltd Alleged in a Cyber cum Financial Fraud
Indian National Cyber Security...Challenges
Russian Company Specializes in Cyber Crime Support Services
CCC-RAC receives another Cyber Cheating Case from Bangalore
The Problem of SMS/Phone spoofing
Beware of this Gmail Phishing
International Cyber Crime Conference ignores
New IT Security Standard Launched
A Positive List of BPO Employees
No Negative List Please...Let's Be Positive !!
National E-Employment Exchange Project
Data Protection? or BPO Regulation?
This Sting is Not Journalism...It is a Crime
Beware of Abuse of Law!!
Media Disinformation on Data Protection Laws in India
Infinity e-Search Contradicts itself
Threat to Indian Sovereignty ?
This Could be Cyber Terrorism
Avoiding Frauds on Internet through DNS Service
Foreign IT Laws
Information Technology Act of Bangladesh.. An Overview
E-Commerce Taxation Issues
Convergence Issues
E-Governance Issues
Copyright Issues
DMCA Bites...
RIAA Culture enters India
Optical Disk Protection Act? ..or Indian DMCA?
Domain Name Issues
Vincent Cerf Admits Unresolved Problems in Domain Name System
Netizen's Rights Issues
Data Protection Act..Time to Debate
Information Technology Act-2000 and Cyber Crimes
Cyber Terrorism Should be Recognized as an offence under ITA 2000
Cyber Forensic Labs for the Indian Police
Intermediary Protection..Reduced Responsibilities
New Approach to Cyber Crime Regulation.....Sailing Against the Winds.
We Still Await the Copy of the ITA-2000 Amendments Bill
Indian Pseudo Cyber Security Activists..all set to play a fraud on the society
e-Extortions..Punishable in India under Information Technology Act
Nasscom is failing in its duty
What the MCIT Rejected
Judicial Revolution on cards
You be the judge.... amendments to ITA-2000..  "Tightening of the Laws" or "Criminal Friendly".
If Suggested Amendments to ITA-2000 are accepted..Orkut would feel better!
Do We Need a "Content Controller" for Web in India?
Re-enactment of  Yahoo-Memorabilia case in India?
Misconceptions on ITA-2000 Amendments..Continue
Credit Card Frauds ..Alarming Proportions
Beware of a Renewed Attempt to Push ITA-2000 Amendments
Steve Bucknor Accuses TV Crew of "Hacking"
"Hacking" ..In India, It's Different..Let is Retain it
Compounding under ITA-2000
Dilemma for Cyber Cafes in Tamil Nadu
ISPs in India guilty of Unfair Bundling of Services?
WSIS-Tunisia, a Lost Opportunity
Don't become a "Bakra" on the Net...
Understanding Cyber
Comments on the Proposed ITA-2005: Praveen Dalal: Sarbajit Roy: Kamal Dave Submits its views to MCIT on ITA Amendments
Computer Society of India Sends its Views on ITA Amendments
Comments on ITA Naavi
US Case Opens  Doors of a New Controversy
What is an "Adult Pass"?
Should We Legalize Por.n?...
Amendments to ITA-2000
Victory for Media Pressure
India Has A Robust Data Protection Law !
Has MCIT Killed the Digital Signature System in India?
Financial Fraud and Cyber Crimes
Is Spyware Recognized as an offence in ITA-2000?
Meeting the Citbank Fraud Challenge
Collective Negligence
Screening of Staff ?.. A Wrong Prescription for a Right Cause
Cyber Law Related Risk Management
The Strength of Indian Cyber Laws
Changing Profile of Cyber Crimes
A Portal Friendly Legislation in the Offing?
What Happenned to CRAC?
Articles of Mr P.A.S.Pati