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(This is the second part of the three part discussion on the National BPO  Employee's Register)

Our previous article on the National Employee's BPO register focussed on the possibility of the project being taken up as an e-Governance project.

Let us look at another dimension of the project....The Impact of the Register on the Employees.

While it is fine to think that an employee who has committed a fraud in one BPO should not be given an employment in any other BPO, and the register of BPO employees will serve as the "Negative List" for this purpose, it is necessary to also consider the legal, moral,social and political aspects of the suggestion.

Firstly, by maintaining a negative list or a list where some adverse remarks about the employees are maintained, the employee's future will be doomed for ever. Even in the financial sector, there is a concept of "Financial Re Birth" through "Insolvency Petition" and getting "discharged".

Even  murderers are getting released after serving a 14 year imprisonment. It is a principle of criminal justice system that persons have to be reformed and given an opportunity at rehabilitation. In such a scenario, it would be anachronic to think that an employee misbehaviour should be held against him for ever.

To think of the proposed register as a "Negative List" from which employers will not recruit persons is therefore not a wise proposition.

We must also appreciate that a register which can affect the long term career of a person can  be abused to both extremes.

In one extreme, a good samaritan will not file any adverse report on an employee since he does not want to spoil the future of the person. he will be happy to say that "Employee Resigned for Better Prospects" rather than saying "Employee Dismissed for Suspected Fraudulent Behaviour".

In the other extreme, false reports will be filed on the employee by the employer so that the employee's future will be permanently damaged. Worst still, the employer or any of its representatives may use threat or coercion to file an adverse report on an employee and abuse him in other ways.

When even a murder accused is considered "Innocent until proved guilty" and often this argument continues until the Supreme Court decides on the appeal, condemning an employee through a departmental enquiry process is untenable however good the system may be.

The move to keep the register as a "Negative List" or even a "Grey List" of "Possible Tendency for Misconduct" is therefore a non starter.

We need to therefore think of an alternative to the suggestion presently being discussed.

[For reasons of propriety, I am refraining from discussing some of the other adverse prospects of such a register in the social and political sectors.... Naavi]

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July 3, 2005


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