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National E-Employment Exchange Project


(This is the first part of the three part discussion on the National BPO  Employee's Register)

One of the suggestions that are being discussed in the industry circles after the recent frauds in the BPO industry is "Creation of an Employee Register". It is suggested that there should be a national register of BPO employees in which a person's employment history has to be maintained. If this is being discussed in the context of "Employee Frauds", it means that the register should be able to record any adverse behavioral trait of the employee and sharing of the same with other employers in the industry.

There are also some people who would suggest that the records should be maintained along with a "Background Check" so that it would be helpful for even the first employment of a person. This means that the register should contain verified information of the person's address, educational qualifications, criminal records etc.

For the time being let us imagine such a register can be maintained for the millions of job aspirants who typically change jobs once every six months. No doubt it involves a huge cost and some body has to bear this cost. There is also an issue of inefficient management of the records and possible manipulation of the records, hacking of the register in electronic form and other associated problems. Will this be a cost that the job aspirant is expected to bear? or will it be the cost which the employer's bear?.. Needs discussion.

Some people may wonder, what is this register we are talking about. There was some thing called "Employment Exchange" and not until long ago, every student aspiring for a job used to promptly register himself in the exchange and used to get some job interview calls  too. However this was working when "Government" was the main employer. It appears that part of what the National BPO register is expected to do is an e-Governance project of converting the Employment Exchange concept into an e-archive. We need to therefore debate if any State Government should offer to maintain the so called "BPO Employee's Register". May be there could be a network of state wide e-employment exchange registers which will have a separate section for BPO employees. This can be integrated into the "National Citizen ID Card" project and managed as a distributed network across India.

Such a distributed network management under the State Government sector will enable the registry to take the assistance of the Police in each state to verify the criminal records and provide a more reliable background check. Similarly, the State Government machinery is better equipped to share the X Standard, XII Standard and College results records which form the backbone of the system.

In totality therefore it appears that the Nasscom BPO Employee's Register Project is better implemented as a "National E-Employment Exchange Project" with a distributed state level data bases maintained by each of the States.

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July 3, 2005


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