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List For 2005-2007

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Articles on ITA 2008 (written in 2009 immediately after the passage of the bill)
Articles on G Gopalakrishna Working Group Report (Feb-April 2011)
Articles in Bloggers
Miscellaneous Issues
Old articles on Investments and NBFCs etc (please change links from to wherever required)
"Naavi Pyramid" for Modular implementation of Total Information Assurance
"Freedom on the Net" is an election issue in next national elations
Total Information Assurance For Modular Implementation(TIAF4MI)
Section 66A in Karti Vs Ravi incident
Cyber Terrorism at work?
Axis Bank Nightmare
Misconceptions About Electronic Signature
Why The Governor of RBI is guilty of this bloodbath?
Theory of Regulated Anonymity
Regulated Anonymity-A Solution towards Privacy compatible with National Security
Why CISO's of Banks will be guilty of murder
Blood of Bank fraud victims are on these hands...
Indian Media is
E Banking Security Guarantee Scheme
Indian Banking System in danger of collapse..What are the solutions?
Bomb is ticking to destroy the Indian Banking System
How Do you React to a Sec 79 Notice if you are an intermediary?
ICICI Bank leads in Banking Frauds
New Year Begins with a warning
Where is Internet Banking safety in India heading?
Facebook and ITA 2008-Need for Practicing Due Dilgence
When you face an Internet Banking India
GGWG Compliance Deadline..October 31, 2011
Hindu Business Line removes an article from the Internet
IIMs invoke ITA 2008 to hold a threat on CAT attendees
Don't Believe even if your Bank account is Credited!
Naavi's Comments on National IT Policy
Banking Ombudsman Scheme is set to fail
Indian Mobile Companies to share Phishing liability of Rs 3250 crores per annum?
Beware of this HITMAN threat
Safe E Banking Forum
Norton Cyber Crime Report 2011
Cyber Appellate Tribunal Remains Closed..Request attention of Mrs Sonia Gandhi
Final Draft-EDS Bill2011
Bank of India Vs ATM Customers
Axis Bank Responds to a Cyber Crime Victim..
An Open Letter to Mr Kapil Sibal
Income Tax Department Shows the Way..How to respond to Phishing?
Due Diligence: Chairman of Banks in India
Why is still blocked in India?
Third Invasion of HIPAA into India will be like a Tsunami attack
DIT Ignores Public Interest Call
Future of e-Banking in India
Innocent Customer Suffers out of Bank's Negligence
The Status of CAT
Obama Creates a Cyber Law Controversy
Role of Media in ensuring that Justice Reaches People
Why top law students in India donot want to practice?
Has MCIT issued the guidelines without proper evaluation?
Effect of Proposed Rules u/s 79 and Internet Censorship
Comments on EDS Bill 2011
Beware of Banking with HDFC Bank
Chanda Kochhar Allows her e_mail to be hacked?
RBI Seeks Comments from Public on G Gopalakrishna Working Group (GGWG) report
Are Vested Interests at Work to manipulate RBI ?
Cyber Crimes and Adjudication
Phishing Risks under G Gopalakrishna Working Group Report
Role of Adjudicators in Phishing Cases Reiterated
Indian Banks in a mess because of faulty software
Indian Banks on the verge of Collapsing???
Legal Compliance Requirements in Information Security Audit in India
What to Do when you receive a Phishing Mail?
HIPAA Rules Modified
Beware of Tab Napping.. a variant of Phishing
Human Bombs Inside an Organization
Threat of Manchurian Chip
Security Certification Agency for Telecom
Digital Security Consortium
Gurgaon Police File Case Against BPO
ICICI Phishing Fraud Case.. in retrospect
CII Conference on Cyber Security
Another Consumer Court Verdict against a Bank
ICICI Bank Phishing Case..comments
Land Mark Judgment in Phishing Case
Is PDS worth Scrapping?
Can Section 66A of ITA 2008 be used for "Defamation on the Internet"
Ignore this Spam Mail
WIPRO Embezzlement.. An IS Perspective
Hacking for US $4 Million at WIPRO
Times of India group guilty under Sections 67,67A and 67B? Will Police Act?
What Do We Do with Obscenity in Times of India?
Govt Can Ban Porn websites for obscenity
Times of India.. Is it Set  to Mislead the Public on Savita Bhabhi Issue?
Maturity Model for Information Security Capability..2
IS Maturity Capability Model
How Do We Respond to Chinese Cyber Aggression?
Industry gives a Thumbs Up to ITA 2008
The Era of "Cyber Law Aware CxO" is now in India.
2009-The Golden Year for Cyber Laws in India...Part II
2009-The Golden Year for Cyber Laws in India
The New Era of CiNezens
When Banks in India don't use Digital Signatures, ..It would be a Clause 49 Non Compliance
For the First time in India,  Bank Absorbs Phishing Liability
ITA 2008 Emergency Help Center
Mobile Numbers Directory
The Buck Stops Here
Autonomy of IIMs at stake
Mismanagement of CAT.. A Setback for IIMs
Copyright Act amendments in India.. Watch Out for surprises
Infosys Executive Calls for Revision of ITA 2000
Are You ITA 2008 Compliant?
Significant Developments at Bangalore Cyber Security Summit 2009
Bangalore Cyber Security Summit 2009
Beware All Bridegrooms !..
Inheritance of Virtual Assets
When Sustainability is not planned in a PPP project
Reasonable Security Practices for UID Project
Unique ID Project.. What should be Unique?
The National ID Card Challenge for Nandan Nilekani..
The War on needs to be continued
This TOI report does not seem to have a basis
Information Security for IPL Games
The e-Gazette Debate
Chartered Accountants call for action by ICAI on Satyam Auditors

Organizational Responsibilities for Fraud Prevention

Digital Society Day 2008

Terrorist Intrusions to IT Companies?

Are the Mobile Service Providers Ready for the Challenge?

Are The Police Listening?

Supreme Court issues notices to DGPs

Karnataka Police Takes the technology leap

Deccan Herald Liable under Section 43 of ITA 2000

Where is ROC Karnataka in Cyber Space?
Deccan Herald Requires Cyber Law Compliance?
Pakistani Cricket Official Sacked for E-Mail Leak

US Supreme Court  limits Patent Rights

Ahmedabad BPO accused of Data Theft

Karnataka Elections Website

Privacy Concerns in Indian IT law

"Get Rich" Schemes under Google Name

Indian Banks Closed by Technological Incompetance

Video Rights of Harbhajan Singh Slapping Sreeshant in IPL venue

Year 2007 in retrospect
Cyber Security Issues
Data Breach Incidents and HIPAA Compliance
Indian BPOs need to demonstrate their commitment to Data Security
Future of Cyber Cafes in India
Three Dimensional IT Security Model
Compulsive Cyber Offence Syndrome
Are You ITA 2008 Compliant?
Data Breach Incidents and HIPAA Compliance
Indian BPOs need to demonstrate their commitment to Data Security
Significant Developments at Bangalore Cyber Security Summit 2009
Theory of IS Motivation Clarified
Theory of IS Motivation Based on a Behavioural Science Approach
Bengaluru as Information Security City
Recommendations of the International Conference on Cyber Security
5 Key Steps to Cyber Security

LIPS, Indian answer to USPTO Concerns

Indian LPO Industry to face a Security Challenge
Meeting the Chinese Cyber Insurgency Threat
Searching for Solution to The threat of Cyber Crimes
Foreign IT Laws
Cyber Security Bill of USA
Information Technology Act of Bangladesh.. An Overview
E-Commerce Taxation Issues
Convergence Issues
E-Governance Issues
Copyright Issues
Domain Name Issues

"SENSEX" Challenged in a domain name dispute

Netizen's Rights Issues
ITA 2008
Sec 43A clarification.. What has changed?
Changes in Sec 43A Rules Exempt Foreign Companies
Is DIT  misleading the Public?
Sec43A Compliance Framework from Naavi
ITA 2008 Rules to be presented in the Parliament
Effect of Proposed Rules u/s 79 and Internet Censorship
Is India selling itself out to ISO 27001?
Draft Guidelines for Cyber Cafes
Draft Guidelines under Sec 43A
Draft Guidelines for Due Diligence for Intermediaries
ITA 2008 Compliance Blanket for Cyber Cafes
Section 67 B needs to be chained
Future of Cyber Cafes in India
Will Digital Security Agency be a reality?
The Role of Adjudicators in ITA 2008
Will the Government Consult Netizens?
Rules to be Framed under ITA 2008 by Central Government
Cyber Cafe Regulation.. Some thoughts after ITA 2008
IT Companies... It is Time to Act on Legal Compliance
Conspiracy to abort Information Technology Act amendments.. advantage BJP
Is ITA 2000 Stringent Enough on Cyber Criminals?
ITA 2000 Amendments ... Impact on IT Companies
Digital Signatures under ITA 2008-A Blunder Repeated
Powers of State Governments Redefined by ITA 2008
Whither Earlier Amendments to IPC and IEA?
Cyber Cafes under ITA 2008
Auditing of Documents- Information Technology Act 2000 Amendment
Information Technology Act-2000 and Cyber Crimes
Concern for Privacy Rights Vs National Security- The Ground Realities (Three Parts)
Overview of Changes between ITA 2000 and ITA 2008
Changes in the Cyber Crime Policing- Information Technology Act 2000 Amendment
New Cyber Security Infrastructure unveiled by Information Technology Act 2000 Amendment
Information Technology Act 2000 Amendment Details unveiled
ITA 2000 Amendment Bill- Open Letter to President of India
Don't Dilute Section 66
Why US PATRIOT Act is required in India?..2 (Inter State Cyber Crime Police Cooperation)
Why US PATRIOT Act is required in India?
IT Act Amendments and Cyber Terrorism
Outsourcing of Criminal Activities to India

A New Kind of Fraud?

First Adjudication Application in South India filed

Computer Abuse Act Invoked Against Cyber Bullying

e Bay held Vicariously liable for selling Counterfeit goods Case Update