Views and Articles on Cyber Laws
(With Special Reference to India)
List updated upto December 31, 2004


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Miscellaneous Issues
Motion Moved in Rajyasabha for Sec 79 Rules annulment 
Birth of Cyber Naxalism in India?
Are We Serious in Fighting Obscenity on Internet?
"C2C auction site is a Mine filed of Cyber Law Risks"
Dont' Raise the bogey.."Law is Wrong"
Should Law Takes Its own Course?
Outrage Expressed at CEO arrest
The DPS Saga..Some reflections
BBC Made to Endorse a Fraud
Bloggers Beware
Creating Young Responsible Netizens
The Era of Truncated Cheques
Certification Practice Document..Is it an offence to copy?
Even the Broad Band may Choke !
Yet Another e-Bay Fraud Mail
Beware of e-Bay Billing Update Fraud
The New Avtar of the Nigerian Scam
Channeling the Youth With ICT
Calling Attention of HRD Managers
Auditors who look Beyond the Obvious
Indian Banking System Introduces Electronic Fund Transfers
Outsourcing Controversy is a Clash of Two Societies
Information Security is the New Job Churner
WSIS Principle on Education of the Young
Bank Audit System Needs to be Changed
Information Security is nothing if it is Not Techno Legal Security
Lesson to Indian Companies from Shane Warne
ICICI Bank, Where Technology Has Failed...
CyLawCom Certification Programme
Six Sigma,  ROI and  Cyber Law Compliancy
The BPO Rush
Spam Free E-Mail
Blocking of Yahoo-Groups- Ignorance? or Arrogance?
Yahoo Groups Blocked by Dishnet
Karnataka Setting up a Breeding Ground for Cyber Criminals ??
A New Fraud in  the Making?
When All Crimes are Cyber Crimes..Who should Investigate?
BSNL Scheme..Your Password will be public knowledge
Meeting the Global Competition..A Challenge for Indian Software Companies
New Jersey Bill and the Future of Indian IT Companies
A Challenge to Chennai Law Enforcement Agencies
Call for new Jurisprudence for Net Law
E-Entrepreneurship Development Cell Required
Tasks Before the New IT Minister
Cyber Law Education For Engineers
Spare a Thought For The Physically Challenged
Internet is a  Great Medium..  It is a pity some misuse it.
Jurisdiction- A Nightmare for E-Business
Are State Governments making a Mistake?
Can a State Government notify "Protected Systems" under Section 70?
Learning to Live Without Microsoft
The Dawn of a New Year. What's in Store?
Cyber Law Literacy and the Gold Rush

RBI to Take Over E-Money

There is No Quality without CCL Compliancy

Lessons from the experience of CII Southern Region

Who Owns Your Computer Desktop?

Are Cyber Crime Laws Becoming Counter Productive?

Data Protection Laws in India

The Dilemma of Cyber Cafes..Phase II

Will Commercial interests kill Consumer interests in Net Telephony?

Is Google Taking its Customers for a Ride?

Can We Declare Cyber Cafe a place of worship?

Osama Bin Laden Would be happy!!!

Are Good Days  Expected for Dot-Com Again ?
The Legal Status of E-Mails

Block Spam Not Customers!!!

Please Do not Play around with Digital Identities
Search Engines ..Walking on a Suicide Path?
British Telecom Is Treading a Dangerous Path
Stop This Cyber Cafe Bashing
Cyber Democracy on Test
Declare a War on Cyber Pornography!!
Nuisance E-Mails Need To be Stopped

Can an ISP lock away your e-mails?

Who Will Judge the Judges?

Google Keeps evidence that the Community Needs

Indian Posts Creating a A Potential Minefield ?

A Declaration of Independence by Netizens?

Cyber Space was Born Free.. But is Found every where in Chains..1

Hate Sites and ICANN's Role

Why Don't we consider a Digital Certificate as a Proper Introduction?

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Online Legal Practice in India..Should we Allow? or Should  not?
Ethics in Web Journalism
Virtual Negotiable Instruments
Are You Cyber Law Compliant?
The Divide Shows
TeleMedicine Issues
Is This an Indian Version of HIPAA?
Telemedicine Legislation and Digital Divide
The Essential Impact of the Telemedicine Legislation
Are We Ready for Telemedicine Regulation?
Cyber Security Issues
Mobile Forensics..GSM and CDMA Technologies
Mobile Forensics..A New Challenge
Is Hacking Possible Without Network Connection?
Cyber Space Protection and Terrorism Law
Let us not make the same mistakes in the Cyber Space
Cyber Security Initiatives Face the PPR Challenge
Protect Indian Cyber Space from IPR Predators
Security When Conventional Security Fails
Cyber Space Security..You Have a Role in it Too!
Cyber Space Security..Whose Responsibility is It?
Lessons From Akshardham for Cyber Space Security
New Technology, A Nightmare for the Police ?

Indian National Security on the Cyber Space Needs Attention

Cyber Terrorism...A New Challenge to Law Enforcement Agencies

Blocking of Terrorist Sites by ISP s

Lessons from the experience of CII Southern Region

Next AL Queda Attack  Will be from Cyber Space

Let's First Protect Our Home Front
Steganography- The New Criminal Challenge
Anti Cyber-Terrorism Strategy Required
Wake Up Americans- Terrorist Attack on the Cyber World Could Shake you up
Private Cyber Cops
Beware-You can be a Victim of Circumstances 
More Virus Attacks Required !! 
National Cyber Army Needed For India
Foreign IT Laws
US Video Voyeurism Bill Goes for President's Signature

The Certification Council Under ESO-2002 of Pakistan

Offences Under the ESO-2002 of Pakistan

Electronic Signatures Under the ESO-2002 of Pakistan

Consumer Protection  Under ECT-2002- International Players Beware!

Crimes Under ECT-2002 ..Shades of DMCA ?

Governance of the Domain Space ECT2002 Vs ITA-2000

E-Governance Through Legislation-Contrasting Styles ITA-2000 and ECT 2002

Simplicity Marks Pakistan's Proposed IT Law

Thailand Passes Electronic Transactions Law
E-Commerce Taxation Issues

E-Commerce Taxation in India

Taxing E-Commerce-India to set precedent that can Boomerang
Cyber Speech..Is it Taxable?
E-Commerce Tax
Taxing Music Down Loads
Convergence Issues
Communication Convergence Bill Remembered
Cable TV in Chennai back..and...Gone Again..What Next?
Cable TV Regulation in India-Draft Comments
Ministry Officials Refuse to Budge on CAS-Pay Channels to further hike the rates ?
Is This the Consumer Friendly CAS that the PM Promised?
"Yes to CAS and No to STB" or "Yes to STB and No to CAS?"
STBs required even for Free Channels??
CAS Regime....Issues still to be Resolved
Spam Enters Indian TV Broadcasting
A Relook at the Emerging Media Policies

ICC's high handedness Vindicates Convergence Act

Convergence Bill-More dangerous than the Carnivore?

Netizens and Fellow Countrymen, Arise Awake and Stop Not until Freedom is Restored  !!!
Powers of the Convergence Commission
Convergence Bill- The Battle for the Spectrum
Communication Convergence Bill.. Offences and Penalties
Communication Convergence Bill..The Regulatory  Framework 
Communication Convergence Bill..The objectives 
"Net Telephony" set to enter India.
New Regulations for the Convergence Sector
E-Governance Issues
Election 2004-The Andhra Verdict
Beyond EVMs..E-Governance in elections
Cyber Law Compliancy and Electronic Voting
e-TDS- Becomes Mandatory..Raises Legal Questions
Buying Process Modification and Optimal Solutions
Smart E-Governance
Smart Cards for Citizen ID..Let's Not Build Castles in the Air
Smart Cards and Their Limitations
E-Governance Projects and Reduction of Cost
E-Entrepreneurship Development Cell Required
E-Governance is not E-Purchase only
Respond? or React? An E-Governance Dilemma 
E-Governance should be Citizen centric
Regulation -By the Netizens, For the Netizens and Of the Netizens. 
Origin of Conflicts- A reflection
Copyright Issues
Fonts as intellectual Property..views of Lawrence
Can "Fonts" be Copyrighted?
To Complain or Not To Complain...
Is Ring Tone Download Legal?
Create Wealth For India- Agenda for the new CII-TN Chairman
Software Developers..Beware
Free Public Access For Scientific Knowledge
Protect Indian Cyber Space from IPR Predators

ICC Trying to Set Dangerous Precedent on IPR

Deep Linking Comes Under Threat

Who Owns Your Computer Desktop?

Software Piracy and Need For A Long Term Corporate Strategy

IPR Protection Crossing Limits?

Violation of Copyright of Material on the Web

A New Chapter on Copyright in India

Zero Piracy Without Pain
A Revolutionary Thinking  is Required in Financing Software Projects 
Encourage Open Source Initiatives and Copyleft
Encourage Indigenous Software Developers
The War Against Piracy..Need For Positive Remedies 
Soon, There will be nothing like IPR...if 
Karnataka to become a "Zero Piracy State"
Fair Use of Copyright- An Analysis
Let's Define Fair Use for Software 
CEO s and CTO s- Keep your anticipatory bail ready. 
Violation of Copyright by Radiant-Some Issues
Domain Name Issues
Metatags in Trade Mark Infringement
DOT In Domain Name Policy
USA Joins Madrid Protocol for Trade Mark Registration
A Notice From China to NCST !!!
Telephone Numbers as Domain Names?
Is There an Alternative to ICANN ?
Infringement of Trade Mark Rights through Meta Tags

After Bucharest, What Should India do?

ICANN Proposes Grace Period for Domain Name Renewals/Booking

Multi-Lingual Domain Name Systems

Bucharest Meeting of ICANN, Some Views

Task Force Required To Protect India's Internet Number Space

After Maruti, Its Bharti..

Creating More Domain Name Disputes ???

A New TLD for Protected Zones on the Internet?

The Law of Domain Names becomes more complicated
Beginning of the End of Trade Mark Domination over Domain Names
Trade Mark Vs Domain Name- Consequences of Potter Ruling 
A Revolt? or Self Destruction?
Cyber Squatting is often Misunderstood 
Domain Name-What  kind of property is it?
Netizen's Rights Issues
Data Protection Legislation in India
Data Protection Act..The Pros and Cons
Digital Intrusion of Privacy
Censorship of the Net is already here in India??? 
Banning Cookies to protect online Privacy
Are We Going To Witness a Cyber Tianamen Square? 
Information Technology Act-2000 
What is Due Diligence?..2 (Effect of Section 85 of ITA-2000)
What is Due Diligence?..1..Effect of Section 79 of ITA-2000
First Conviction Under Sec 67 of ITA-2000
MD5 Hash Algorithm Cracked?
Another Fraud of which You should be Careful
CyLawCom Certification of Cyber Cafes in Chennai
To Complain or Not To Complain...
Data Capture..key challenge in Cyber Evidence Management
Advertising Code?..or Section 67 of ITA 2000?
Dishnet DSL Bungles Again
Reliability of Digital Certificates
Filing Cyber Crime Complaint is Now Easier
Don't Take Law into Your Own Hands
Amendments to ITA-2000

Grappling with Electronic Evidence in Journalist's murder Case

ITA-2000 should move with W3C Consortium standards

Interception of Communication under ITA-2000, CCB-2002 (Proposed) and POTA-2002

The Year That Was

India Redefines Digital Signatures
Do We Need A Red Light Area On the Internet? Case..Followup
First Case Under Information Technology Act... A Beginning on the Wrong Foot? 
Technology Induced Errors in E-Transactions
Can an Indian Maintain a Sex Site?
E-Signature  Launched and Adopted..But 
ITA-2000 and Negotiable Instruments Act
The ITA-2000 and Creation of Agency 
Let's Keep It Simple
India Redefines Hacking
Hurdles in Becoming a Certifying Agency
The Struggle Continues 
Digital Contract Era Dawns on India 
Read Naavi's articles on IT Bill at CIOL site
Net Enthusiasts..Beware of Voidable Contracts..Naavi
No This is Not Feasible..Naavi writes on the immediate amendments required for the IT Bill
Let us now move onto The Real Issues..naavi
Notes on amendments required
Paper presented at NCRB
More Regulations from RBI ?
Articles of Praveen Dalal
Articles of Mr P.A.S.Pati
Sanjay Bhatia comments of CRAT composition..Courtesy India Info
Sanjay Bhatia's views on Domain Name Disputes..Courtesy India
Sanjay Bhatia writes on Compunding of Contaventions in ITA-2000..Courtesy India Info
Read the informative column of Pavan Duggal in India Infoline
Views of  Mr Srivatsa Krishna (courtesy
Read Naavi's Net column on Satyam online
Cyber Crimes- A report from BBC
Set of Articles on Cyber Crime from BBC
Read Naavi's Interview at
Read Naavi's Interview on
Cryptography Survey in Various countries
Credit Card Chargebacks- a live report from an affected merchant
Read this informative article on Patent law
Anti Cyber Squatting Law in US
Yahooindia Domain dispute case
Rediff Wins Trade Mark Rights on Domain Name 
Read this article on Linking and legality.
Privacy Invasion cases abound in the American continent
Here are some issues for discussion on Indian Cyber Laws
Threat of Contributory Infringement of Copyrights
New Domain name dispute resolution policy to check Cyber squatting
Here is an interview with a Mr Shakeel Kudrolli  on IT Bill  which appeared in Indialine