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According to one of the decisions taken by ICANN Board at Bucharest, ICANN has proposed that a grace period of 30 days should be provided for renewal of Domain names so that those who miss renewals would be able to wake up.

The proposal will be called "Redemption Grace Period" and will be implemented  by instituting an extended Delete Pending Period and a new Restore capability, which will be a new Registry Service for which registry operators will be able to charge a cost-based service fee. Necessary changes will be done to the registry agreements to give effect to this proposal.

It was also decided that a final proposal was to be finalized regarding the "Wait Listing" mechanism where by, whenever a new TLD is introduced, existing Trade Mark owners would be provided a certain period they alone would be allowed to register the domain names and thereafter the domain name would be thrown open to the public.

Unfortunately, both these proposals will create more problems than solving.

The risk in the proposal is that they tend to legitimize the domain name booking at the end of the grace/waiting period and provide a false hope to the domain name registrant who picks up the domain name after the said period that his title is sustainable.

However, it is unlikely that domain name owners would give up their brand rights either because they have slept over the renewal for 30 days instead of 14 days. Nor it is reasonable for a brand owner to register any TLD that ICANN may introduce from time to time just because their right to the name may get compromised after the wait listed period.

The first is a fraud on the registrant public and the second is coercion on the Trade mark owners.

Why It is a Fraud?

If the problem of forgotten renewal persists today, the reasons for that are many and not all of them would be removed by giving an additional 15 days time for registration. (Some registrars are already providing a 14 day grace period for renewal without cost). The late renewal now will  cost additional money now without much of a difference to their rights. There is every possibility that the registrars may charge fancy fees for the delayed renewal.  The domain name disputes will therefore persist even after the waiting period since, non renewal cannot extinguish the rights if any for the first registrant on the domain name.

A standing example is that the name www.ciisr.org can never be claimed as a matter  of right by the owners of www.asiannasty.com just because CII forgot to renew their domain name for 30 days.

If  ICANN by its actions provides a ground for legitimization of such domain name hijackings, ICANN can be charged as an "Accomplice" in the crime. ICANN will therefore claim that it is not responsible to determine the ownership of domain names and it is only advising the registrars on certain basic functionalities as their accredited registrars.

Under such scenario, the second registrants therefore, (p.s: I am referring here to  cases of registration of an existing un renewed domain name by those other than  by Porno sites)  would be lured in to registering the domain name thinking that the non renewal has permanently extinguished the right of the first registrant. ICANN will be a party to facilitate such misrepresentation and fraud.

Why It is a Coercion?

Now let us take the wait listing issue.  Imagine that if the wait listing proposal has to be given respect, every company in India from Wipro, to Infosys, to Tata, should register their every brand name as a domain name in over 250 ccTLDs and gTLDs. Further they have to renew it year after year at whatever cost the registrars fix.

If not, it may be considered as a prima-facie intention of voluntary giving up of the right on a particular name. I am sure that none of these Companies will either agree to such a proposal nor they can be persuaded to register 250 names in every brand they create.

If ICANN tries to provide a support to this proposal, it would tantamount to coercion and since the pecuniary benefit would flow to the "Accredited registrars" of ICANN, it will also be considered as an indirect extortion.

It is therefore considered that both the proposals of ICANN are untenable and issued under an improper legal consideration of the issues involved.

ICANN should to take a look at www.verify4lookalikes.com

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 July 01,  2002

Those of you who want to sign a petition opposing the Grace period system can sign an online petition here.

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