Will COAI and IAMAI raise to mitigating the Covid 19 risk?

Organizations like COAI and IAMAI are associations of business organizations with the basic objective of working towards  the benefit of the industry which their members represent.

In the current context when Corona threat has quarantined the entire population at home and the entire activity of connecting to internet has shifted from the dedicated broad band cables and Satellite connections to personal WiFi connections and mobile internet service.

It is obvious that the band width in this segment will choke and also create  security issues.

At this time, the IAMAI and COAI have to come up with their own contribution on how to increase the bandwidth and ensure security and convenience. They should increase the usage limits and also reduce the marginal cost.

Corporates who may have surplus bandwidths should think of sharing their bandwidth with public WiFi hot spots with security of which they are familiar.

I hope these organizations try to fulfill these responsibilities.

The DOT has to ensure that this widening of the personal internet bandwidth and data packages happens immediately.

Recently IAMAI pursued a Supreme Court case just to facilitate money laundering through Bitcoin exchanges and COAI has raised objections on some data collection exercise that the DOT is undertaking to verify the call drop problems. Instead of wasting their energies on such anti Government activities, these associations should focus more on positive contribution they can make to the society at this hour of crisis.


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  1. MTNL is reported to have doubled the data offer for one month.. according to tweet from RS Prasad

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