TELCOs are responsible to counter Chinese Threat

Dec 2: An US intelliegence report recently advised that “American companies and its government should avoid doing business with China’s two leading technology firms, Huawei and ZTE, because they pose a national security threat to the US”. Copy of the report

After considering this report, the GOI has placed the responsibilities of countering the reported security threats arising from the Chinese telecom supplies entirely on the companies themselves.

In a press release issued by the Government, it is stated that …”it is mandated that Telecom Service Providers are responsible for the security of their network. It is also mandated that only those network elements shall be inducted into their Telecom Network, which have been tested as per relevant contemporary Indian or International Security Standards e.g. IT and IT related elements against ISO/IEC 15408 standards, for Information Security Management System against ISO 27000 series Standards, Telecom and Telecom related elements against 3GP, 3GPP2 security standards etc from any international agency/ labs of the standards e.g. Common Criteria Labs in case of ISO/IEC 15408 standards until 31st March 2013. From 1st April 2013 the certification shall be got done only from authorized and certified agencies/labs in India. The copies of test results and test certificates shall be kept by the licensee for a period of 10 years from the date of procurement of equipment, which can be audited / demanded any time during this span, by the licensor.”

Ref: Press Release

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