One more Phishing now in the name of BSNLEXPRESS

Just as I was completing my writing on the jioupgrade fraud, I received another whatsapp message with a link that looks like This is another phishing attempt as the link is not It is

We had seen such a phishing earlier in the name of ICICI Bank where one of the I s was actually a Capital l.

Some research is required to find out what are the motives behind these organized spamming in the name of telecom companies in India.

A word of caution to all companies with L as their domain name component. Watch out for phishing.

(Ed: Applies to the undersigned since both and is susceptible to this risk. Check NAAVl.ORG and which appear similar to the genuine domain names but are not. In certain fonts it is completely indistinguishable. Similar problems may be seen in “O” and “0” -zero).


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