Loan Through SMS ??

There is an interesting website on the cyber space which promises all kinds of loans for which application can be made through SMS.

Check this interesting website

The site sports photographs of all Congress leaders including Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Dr Man Mohan Singh, Mr Pranab Mukherjee etc and claims to be a site of the Government of India.

Applications are sought through SMS at 09748643575

An investigation is required to find out if this is a fraudulent website and if so who is behind this fraud. The site is registered by a person in Siliguri and freely uses all Government symbols for promotion. It is possible that this could be another scam in which some of the politicians are involved.

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26 Responses to Loan Through SMS ??

  1. steve says:

    looked at the website, as u have pointed out that it is registered to a person in siliguri, is correct also, the admin email address is on some free domain and it is reflecting that for sure it is a fake site. i have carried out its profiling and it is seen that it is certainly not a government hosted site. it has been crafted so smartly that on a first look someone may get fooled up and consider it a genuine site.
    also, it needs the personal phone numbers, postal address of the individuals applying. This shows that the it is harvesting the personal information of individuals applying.
    also if we see any government website it is hosted by nic – national informatics center. not by other third party server that is actually located in USA. Thats weird.
    Thank you sir for pointing out this suspicious website.. we all need to be alert and aware on such websites.

  2. amit says:

    ha ha ha some 1 frm this website called me take my personal interview nd say u r eligible for loan they just want to take my personal bank account details , thas crap i do d whois query nd find what u explained !!!!!!! but this is surely new kinnda scam fooling inocent people for loan once u sms d details they caled u so many times i just called CGTMSE official site nd they told me that they cant provide this kinnda loan !!!!!!!! so frns beware !!!!!!

  3. smit says:

    Thank you, for providing this information ,bcz someone is calling me from last two weeks and pretending to offer some loan by govt …i got calls from a person named Meghna Sharma from delhi her no is 9903547489,another person is there from which i will receive a call most probably in next week i.e. K. M. Acharya tel ph no : 09051161272

  4. abdulrahim sikander pathan says:

    same case with me also but tell me please that at what stage these people can cheat me. because still nobody ask me any money for any reason instead they are offering money at each stage. so please explain me that how can they cheat me

    • Once the information is provided for opening an account, the information can be misused to open a bank account which can be used as a “Mule account” for passing through fraud proceeds or for other fraudulent purpose.

  5. Mangesh says:

    Yes I have also got a call from Ganga mob. 09007174074 she end me Customer I.D thereafter another call from mob no. 08420328907 and told me that u r eligible to get loan from Bharat sarkar All India IAS association will help u further and told me to open 2 current personal A/C in to different bank then said me to that u have to arrange some amount in any one of d account then u r interview date will be fixed with K.M. Acharya who is in Delhi he will be ur counclling officer and after interview in Delhi ur project loan will be disbuss. I have tried to enquire about any person is benefited or not but till the date there is not a single person I came a cross who is benefited. They have 4 offices in Delhi if possible guys n u have any friend in Delhi tell him to enquire about this. Waiting for reply from all friends……

  6. I got a phone call regarding a loan from the above site.can any body tell me whether is it true or a fake.

  7. pramod kumar kar says:

    If the website is frad,how can is continue till date,they are not demand any charges,so how can its frad website?

  8. vinod says:

    Hi, I am shocked,when I had call to CGTMSE Govt Head Office at Bandra.They told me our Govt site is and we dont know about this site or schemes.We are inviting application through Bank only. I want to aware to all of you who are applied online to this site.Dont waste time and money. Its a fake site.I dont know intenstion of scammer.I search each and ever address which is mentioned in site there are no any office. The Officers contact nos are not receive call ever.So be aware and alert. Thanks

    • tripurari jha says:

      mughe feb 2014 ko Ek phon aya ki bharat sarkar dura ..cgtmse project ki managment ke undarmain.yeh bharat nirman..sabka heet sabka haaq project hai….iske undar may hazaro tarah ka biyab sayi ko loan dete hai…kam se kam 3LAKH..JAYDA karor may.
      70%CGTMSE DENGE….APKO APNE A/C MAY JAMA KARNA PAREGA..a/c no dono bank ka manga tha…maine document diya…scan karke..
      pan card ,votar card,dob certificate,medical certificate,afidify,drivary licence,incom tex file,admit card,photo,bank a/c dono[],mughe kolkta 29 jan 2015 ko bulaya..ane ke bad mughe koi adress v nahi se maine no adress nikala..15,neta ji subhash road kolkata 700001, bahut khoj bin ke bad v nahi mila,,ISY LIYE PURA FEKE SITe HAI,is no par phon karne par switch off bata raha hai,29.01.2015 se net par site nahi mil raha hai,CGTMSE-GOVT.IN/HINDI.
      mughe barawr mob par phon badal kar ata tha 9 mahina se. 09007173779,08420550649,08420329514,

  9. sameer says:

    this site and this person achrya is it not ias officer..its total fake website.plz beware.dont trust this site and and his employee.recently he scham some pepoles.i am crossing him all condition and project.

  10. Is this a true govt site which give me loan ? Is this really true? Kindly help me

  11. pravin says:

    i have got same such call and beleive me i was surprised by the way the fraud is conducted….u get a password to apply for loan via sms..u get the above site adress and ..isnt it realistic…before u can find orignal site…big fraud in happening..please stop them befor some innocent gets looted

  12. Vinit Pandey says:

    I am sure this is fake site..because they have just copied the idea from CREDIT GUARANTEE FUND SCHEME FOR
    the official website
    I mean it’s not easy to get a loan from government they will be just acting as gurantor to lending institutions and bank for sme entreprenuer who cant provide collateral for a business loan check both the sites and you will they plan to cheat poor people who are in need of money just to see there dream to be their worst nightmare..still if u guys believe in this institutions check with some government officials or try contacting your local banks..

  13. Sk.MUKHTAR Ali says:

    NAGPUR: Assuring fund of 40 lakh for small enterprises from a government scheme, two people duped an accountant of 4 lakh. The fraud case was registered at Gittikhadan police station on the complaint filed by victim Bodhiratna Fulzale.

    Manavta Nagar resident Fulazale, 22, an accountant with a construction company, told the police that he had received a call from Shaikh Ibrahim on April 30 who introduced him to an employee of a government accredited trust named Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGFTMSE).

    Ibrahim told that this trust provided loan of up to 40 lakh on very low interest and even provided subsidy from the government. Lured by the scheme, Fulzale filled an online application on the trust’s website. The website shows Indian government logo.

  14. rajesh says:

    i also go through the all process, he called me in kolkata for final counseling. but before go to kelkata. i try to find out Delhi local office. but i am surprise all land line are not in service and there no office exits.. these are involve in bed activity. we we have to stop such type of websites. it is totally fack.


  15. ramesh says:

    I went kolkota in diwali. But i cant find any address given this website. All is fake don’t belive

  16. ramesh says:

    I went given addresses given in website but all address fully froud please no one visit that website again

  17. Laxmikant says:

    Someone call me same came at Kolkata. Is it true or fake

  18. Laxmikant says:

    Same some calls me &they told me ye bharat sarkar keep tarfse call jar rage hi .but why anybody take action on such type of web.

  19. tripurari jha says:

    mughe v barawar alg alg mob no se.ata hai 9 mahina se.lagatar 09007173779,08420550649,08420329514.CGTMSE PROJECTKI MANAGMENT ke undaermein,yeh bharat nirman..sabka heet sabka haaq project hai.DOCUMENT MANGE THE.[SCAN KARKE].PAN CARD,VOTAR ID CARD,DOB CERTIFICATE,MEDICAL CERTIFICATE,AFIDIFY,DRIVARY LICENCE,INCOM TAX FILE,ADMIT CARD,DO BANK KA A/C NO SBI,HDFC .BANK IFSC NO.CHEK BOOK NAM LIKHA HUA,MOB NO SELF,ALT NO.
    bharat sarkar se cgtmse ke dura kam se kam 3.lakh jayda se caror..rupya bina gurentar ka loan dega.. apko apne a/c may 10% self jama kare,20% all india asociatin karenge.waki rakam cgtmse denge..40 se 70% sub sidary diya jayega..70 sal tak jama kare.4% ke interest par.MUGHE KOLKATA BULAYA GAYE 29-01-2015.KOI V ADRESH NAHI DIYA BOLE YAHA AOGE TO ADDREESH MIL JAYGA.KOLKATTA ANE KE BAD SABI MOB NO PHON KARE HAI TO SWICH OFF BATA RAHA HAI..MAINE NET SE 4 DIN PAHLE ADREESH NIKLE THE..15,NETA JI SUBHASH ROAD KOLKTA 700001.BAHUT KHOJ BIN KE BAD V NAHI MILA. O33-22304982 NO THA ES PAR KARNE SE BATA RAHA HAI BANK KA NO HAI…PURA TARAH SE FAKE HAI..IS SE BACH KE RAHO BHAY..

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