List of Nodal Officer Contacts

Many times disputes that arise with service providers of various agencies are resolved easily when we are able to reach out to the right persons in the organization.

ITA 2000/8 mandates that every online service organization (who is an intermediary) needs to mandatorily provide the name and contact details of the Grievance Redressal officer on their website.

Unfortunately, most websites not only hide their contacts for receiving complaints but also hide their physical address to which any notice can be sent by a consumer.

Though this is a violation in itself that can be penalized by either an Adjudicator or perhaps by a criminal Court too, most organizations out of ignorance donot provide the contact details.

I am happy to provide a compilation of nodal officer’s contacts which have been compiled by one diligent law enforcement professional. While care has been taken to update the list, errors and omissions could be present. I hope the public will consider this useful.

List of Nodal Officers of different e commerce agencies in India.

I request these and other organizations to point out if any corrections are required. We welcome other intermediaries to share their contact addresses.

We may also bring to the attention  of readers 5t our Associate service center at ODRGLOBAL.IN provides online dispute resolution service which can be effectively used to resolve consumer disputes. We invite these agencies to use the services of ODR Global. It should be economical and also convenient.

CDMAC (Cyber Disputes Mediation and Arbitration Center) is one ADR center whose services may be invoked if a more serious arbitration of a dispute is required. First level disputes can be mediated by Naavi. For the time being, in the interest of the e-Consumers, such mediation would be provided free of charge.

Any collaboration  in developing  the ODR platform  and CDMAC are welcome.

Any enquiries in this regard  may be sent to Naavi.


P.S: The following address in the list was corrected on 8th September 2019:

Yahoo India Pvt Ltd, Unit No 304, A wing, 3rd Floor, Satellite Gazebo East Wing, Guru Hargobindji Marg, Andheri (East),Mumbai 400093.
E Mail:


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  1. V. Rajendran says:

    Very useful info . Worth preserving in the desktop. thanks.

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