Last Day for Comments on PDPA 2018 is 10th October

The draft of the Personal Data Protection Act 2018 has been submitted by the Justice Srikrishna Committee along with its report. Copies of both are available at

The Government of India has requested for public comments to be submitted on the draft Bill which is in the Parliament before October 10, 2018.

The comments can be submitted at has discussed this subject extensively ever since the Srikrishna Committee has come into existence. Some  suggestions were submitted by during the time the Committee held its discussions. Some were submitted after the Committee submitted its reports. After the recent Aadhaar Judgement, another list of comments on the impact of this judgement on Privacy has also been separately recorded so that there is a large number of thoughts before the public to debate about.

I wish public go through all these comments and suggestions and whether they agree or disagree, use them to stir up their own thoughts on the subject so that they can formulate their own comments and present it to the Government.

I hope that the following list of articles provide the information that one may look for as background material for forming their individual opinion.

  1. Calling attention of Justice Srikrishna Committee on Data Protection; Don’t let GDPR be the new Vasco Da Gama
  2. Srikrishna Panel Report and Aadhaar
  3. PDPA 2018 and Aadhaar-2
  4. Public Consultation on Data Protection Law…. Some points of discussion-1: Part II : Part III
  5. Personal Data protection and Data Localization-1
  6. Personal Data Protection and Data Localization-2
  7. Uphold the “Right to Know” against “Right to Privacy” in the new Data Protection Law
  8. Are Privacy Laws Getting bigger than Cyber Crime Laws?.. Is Profiteering replacing deterrence principle in law making?
  9. Privacy law cannot be only a tool for hiding oneself
  10. Look beyond GDPR and Create Personal Data Trusts to manage Privacy of data subjects
  11. Data Protection Act.. We should aim at Compliance with Pleasure not Compliance with Pain.
  12. PDPA 2018: Is Data Localization related to Privacy?
  13. PDPA 2018: Privacy Activists and RTI Activists fight with each other
  14. Aadhaar Judgement : 10 articles : The 10th Article

There could be more articles if one searches through Using the information available here, public may send their comments.

Additionally, FDPPI (Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India) will be collating the comments from its members and sending it to the Ministry. Those of you who want your comments to be included in the comments or in FDPPI comments, can send them to Naavi or to FDPPI by e-mail, by the end of today.


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