Indian Security Firm accused of being behind Corporate Espionage

The well known Delhi based security group “Appin” which conducts information security and  ethical hacking trainings is accused of being indulging in organized APTs (Advanced Persistent Attacks) and Corporate espionage.

Initially it was reported that the group had been identified as behind some attacks of Pakistani targets. It was also speculated that they were the outsourced agent of the Indian Government. Now this report of Hangover indicates that some of the targeted attacks could be aimed at corporate espionage.

Another report identifies some of the recent attacks to Technical and Commercial Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

This Indian Express Report states that Appin is identified as the source of recent attacks on Pakistan and could be acting on behalf of the Ministry of Defense.

The hangover report puts a disclaimer that Appin could have been implicated by others. The company obviously denies the charge.

In the meantime it is reported that Appin franchise business shows an uptrend after the breaking out of the controversies. So far so good.

The scene is however murky and could lead to more interesting disclosures, twists and turns in the coming days. If this is a badly executed Cyber warfare though it is embarassing for the Government, the Indian Government can ride it out. But if  it is involving corporate espionage, the possibilities are that this could develop into a legal battle and a scam. For example if Telenor takes up a legal battle in India accusing the Indian company  imputing motives linked to the Telecom scam, there could be more embarrassments in store for many people. This could also hurt Appin commercially.

On the regulatory side, the need for regulating conduct of Ethical Hacking training which has raised several times in the past again attracts attention. Irresponsible training companies may end up creating a number of unethical hackers around the country who may turn out to be Cyber Terrorists and sophisticated Cyber Criminals. There is therefore a need for putting breaks on the activities of such firms and bring them under a very strict regulation.

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  1. kenny says:

    bloody Indians they only getting entertain about fellow Indians see Israel if any attack occurred in their territory immediately they would retaliate.they are cult people.Indians are slowly losing war against Islamic militants.they only bow to seems all Indian politician ready to sacrifice fellow Indian soul for their safety life.what the good Indians they are .aren’t they?

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