Five Year Plan on National Cyber Security Unveiled

In a long pending but welcome move it appears that the GOI has unveiled a Five Year plan on National Cyber Security.

Having recognized the inadequacy of the IND-CERT which is the designated nodal agency for Critical IT infrastructure security under Section 70A of ITA 2008, the Government of India has set up a “National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Center: (NCIIPC) to coordinate the activities on Cyber Security regarding recognized Critical systems. NIIPC appears to have developed a Five Year Plan for the purpose.

One of the major developments would be setting up of sectoral CERTs probably in sectors such as Energy, Transportation, Banking and Finance, Telecom, Defense, Space, Law Enforcement and Security.

NIIPC will work under NTRO (National Technical Research Organization) and along with the existing Ind-Cert which will handle security in areas not overseen by NIIPC.

In the process NTRO is emerging as the super Nodal Agency for National Cyber Security though ITA 2008 notification still recognizes IND-CERT as the designated nodal agency. This aberration needs to be corrected with an appropriate notification under ITA 2008.

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