EU AI At adopted by the EU Council

On May 21, 2024, the EU AI Act was given the final approval of the council of EU and is set to be published in the official journal. It will enter into force on the 20th day after publication and will be generally effective after 24 months.

We had started discussing the different provisions of the EU-AI act in these columns which will be continued.

Some of the articles already published are

1.March 17, 2024: The EU Act on Artificial Intelligence

2.April 3, 2024: Impact of EU AI act on India

3. 4th April 2024: Defining of AI: DGPSI approach

4. 5th April 2024: Applicability and Non Applicability of EU-AI Act

5. 6th April 2024: Classification of AI under EU AI act

6. 6th April 2024: “Conformity Assessment” under EU-AI act

7.7th April 2024: Classification of AI under EU AI act

8. 8th April 2024: Intersection point for EU AI Act and DGPSI: AI-DTS

9. 10th April 2024: Generative AI and EU AI Act

The discussions will continue.


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