Delhi Consumer Court Fraud..Why Police are silent?

I had pointed out through my earlier article “Beware of this Call from 90699 35661” about the calls that threaten the victim that there is a Consumer Court complaint against him/her in Delhi Consumer court and if help is required they may contact some person.

Yesterday I got the call again and I was referred to contact a person named Veerendra Singh Yadav at 08586067445.  When I searched the web for this number, I found a series of complaints of similar nature already noted at  the consumer forum website . I also saw one case reported by a consumer of Bajaj Finserv which has been promptly responded by a customer service executive indicating that event the organization Bajaj Finserv is unable to identify that this is part of a scam in which their name has been misused.

When I called back to this number, again a lady picked up and said that she was the assistant of Mr Veerendra Singh Yadav. When I insisted that I want to speak only to him, she said she will call back.  I suppose she is hunting for a male voice amongst her colleagues who all are part of a fraudulent organization and deserve to be in jail. Perhaps I may not get any call back.

From the background noise we get from these calls, it appears that the gang is operating like a call center with several persons engaged only in making such calls.

While these are criminals and chosen to be so, I take serious objection to the Police in and around Delhi who are letting such frauds continue to happen. If the information about these frauds are already available on the web, it is presumed that it is also known to the Police. (If not, they donot deserve to be called the “Police”).

Intelligence agencies including CBI should be not only aware of such frauds but also aware that most of these fraudsters raise money for terrorist organizations.  Hence the silence of Police could only mean “Complicity” to crimes including funding of terrorist activities.

I am sure that some of my Police friends may get annoyed with this comment but I would like them to realize that this is what the ordinary person on the street would think. Public think Police are incompetent, donot care about law and order in Cyber Space or are corrupt.

Being a friend of many policemen, I consider that this would be an unfair perception about the Police. Police in India are quite capable and if they want, they can take action to bring down such frauds. In this case I donot think  that inaction is a result of corruption. It could however be due to apathy and a belief that they need to act only when a complaint is registered.

I request Police who have jurisdiction on the phone numbers mentioned above to trace these calls and punish not only the proprietor of this business, but every one of these callers and also the Mobile Service Providers who have provided them the facilities to cheat public.

Let’s hope this criticism galvanise Police into action.


More cases reported : board reader thread

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1 Response to Delhi Consumer Court Fraud..Why Police are silent?

  1. DESHBHAKT says:

    believe me 99.99 percent of these gangs are lowest level guys reporting any where will not help(even if caught they will be released in a couple of days) ,they keep changing their phones and places.abusing them (am sure not very many can match their level) might give you a temp relief but not a perma solution, if you pay thinking the amount to be small ,you are in for more trouble,cause you get upgraded in their list as a person who will either readily pay or ultimately definitely pay up in the end..they were doingit erlierr nd they r doing it even today ,the post after this read carefully ,read the fine print,read between the lines, replicate it in otther forums,if u recv any call from such persons just keep repeating —what u read below nd after a couple of calls send their numbers to an agency – i might post the links but u guys will understand urself where all to send such numbers nd believe me their numbers will automatically be scanned and traced , the more people get involved the merrier nd faster it will be
    guys the above post gave me a relief , some thing like this happened with me also , the guy on the other end demanded money on one pretext or the other nd threatened to kill our leaders and bomb my city if i dont pay them money and ask the govt to release their terrorists, now everytime their called ( 7 different numbers ) i told them that they can kill me nd took a couple of names of current leaders them also but we are deshbhakts and we will never bow down to their –isi ,pakistan ,dubai .dawoods or isis wiishes .and i told them that u want to blow up our tees hazari or patiaala house ,or u want to blow up vikaspuri police station ,that u want to kill our leaders u will not be able to do, u r threatning me with rdx and ied .etc etc .
    guys i had to do this a 5 10 times believe me after that NOW i call them nd now they dont pick up nd 4 out of 7 numbers also do not exist now dunnow those phones went under scanner or what i still ry other three number 10 20 times a day ,have sent heir numbers to NIA nd IB also got 2 calls from anony numbers asking bout these phones told them that i am deshbhakt nd not terrorised by theese terrorists was further instructed to pass on any info to one of the emails given to me, which i can not share for obvious reasons ,now their phones our silent ,switched off and iam happy ,let us not get cowed down by such elements-terrorists ,let us rise to the occasion ,let us unite nd show our deshbhakti JAI HIND JAI HIND JAI HIND ,BHARAT MATA KI JAI

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