Data Theft by a Senior Bank Employee in Mumbai… Is it vendetta?

It is reported that Mumbai police are pursuing a data theft complaint against a senior Bank employee in Mumbai.  According to this TOI report the senior employee, (a lady), with 20 years of working in the Bank in the past, resigned and is due to join another Bank.

The allegation is that some time after resignation, she  has taken away  some confidential information belonging to the Bank to her pen drive. The complaint has been made by the Bank manager.

The report

There are many inconsistencies in the report and there is every indication that it could be  a motivated report. More clarification is required before it is given credence.

According to the Bank manager, “She got access, after quitting the job, on the pretext of taking down data stored in her computer system in her office”. Bank officials complained that she took the data without the knowledge of anyone present on the premise.

The complaint was lodged on September 9, 2015 where as the person has left the Bank on April 21. It is not clear when she got the access and how the manager came to know the “pretext” when no body was present in the premises.

According to the TOI report, a spokes person of the Bank is supposed to have stated “The data was related to Reserve Bank of India rules and banking policies, which the suspect can misuse”.

If the data related to RBI guidelines, it is not clear what is the confidentiality involved.

If the Bank is concerned it could as well be a case of some information which the Bank is afraid would harm its reputation.  If it was simply rules and policies, there is no reason for the Bank to file a complaint except as a vendetta against a parting executive.

It would be interesting to observe how the case develops.

If the Police conduct a proper investigation, there is every possibility that the complainant himself may turn out to have indulged in some offence.

There is however a need for the defense to handle this technical case with some intelligence as otherwise the weight of the complainant’s organization may have a bearing on the way the case proceeds from now on.




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