Cyber Law College will be starting a compressed course on Cyber Laws for the students of BMS Law College, Bangalore starting from March 1st.

This course will cover an over view of Cyber Law in a course that extends to 10 sessions to be conducted in the college to students of different semesters.

In the past, Cyber Law College has conducted 3 courses each in KLE Law College, Bangalore and Hubli, SDM Law College Mangalore and JSS Law College, Mysore. These courses were of a longer duration and extended to about 60 to 70 hours of class room teaching. The BMS law college course is planned as a 25-30 hours of class room teaching.

Naavi is also associated as guest faculty with NLSUI, NALSAR. MSR Law College and other institutions and continues to contribute to the mission of “Cyber Law Awareness”.

Naavi is looking for more initiatives of this nature particularly a “Course for Law Faculty” so that Cyber Law Courses can be started in all Law Colleges in Karnataka.

Naavi is also looking for initiatives on “Cyber Law for IS Professionals” at Bangalore if there is a demand.

Naavi has already created online courses in Cyber Laws and HIPAA through Now a Course on GDPR is under preparation and details will shortly be announced.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.


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