China may be developing its own unbreakable encryption system through Quantum Computing

[P.S: This is in continuation of the previous articles “Is it the beginning of the Chinese domination of the globe?…Mr Modi to take note”. and China Working on achieving Quantum Supremacy. In the previous articles, we referred to some of the recent progresses made by China in the field of Quantum Computing and started our discussion on how this may impact the global political and military supremacy. We shall continue to discuss this concern in the current article with the disclaimer that I am only an ex-student of Quantum Physics at my post graduation level and I am presently working in the area of Cyber Law and Cyber Security and trying to flag my concerns. I welcome other experts to join the discussion and correct my perceptions as necessary…. Naavi]

The report “China’s quantum communication satellite achieves scientific goals” and “Chinese scientists break quantum computing world record” it has been indicated that China has successfully established the property of “Entanglement” between two “Entangled Quantum Units” physically separated at a distance of 1200 kms on earth and also an entanglement of 18 Qubits surpassing the previous record of 10.

Entanglement is a property of “Quantum Particles” where by two particles behave in tandem even when they are located in different locations in such a manner that if you change the spin status of one, the spin status of the other will automatically change.

Again in layman terms, if one Qubit in Bangalore is showing a status Zero and its entangled partner is in Mumbai and showing a status One, if we change the Bangalore Qubit status to One, the Mumbai Qubit status automatically changes to Zero even though they are not connected by wire or otherwise. It appears as if the “Entangled Particles” are connected through “Ether threads” (a term introduced by me for explanation) out of the ability of any known physical systems to perceive.

This means data in one place gets automatically replicated in another place (though it could be as anti particles) or it could be what scientific fiction calls as “Teleportation”.

It is envisaged that this property can be used in “Global Hack Proof Internet” and it appears to have been demonstrated in a video call established  between Beijing and Vienna through a multi station communication line based on quantum computing.

The principle is that if any attempt is made to change one end of the entangled pair, it will induce an automatic change in the other end and any unauthorized attempt will make it to collapse.

If these concepts materialize for practical use, China will be in possession of the most secure communication lines which establishes its supremacy militarily. At the same time the high speed of processing that quantum computers would enable would enable China to be able to break any ordinary encryption used in any commercial transactions or Banking or even Bitcoins.

Thus the Quantum supremacy will enable China to build its own secure systems and at the same time make every other system in the world completely vulnerable to attacks from them. Combine this scientific advance with the military vision of China, it will be a victor in any future Cyber war or even a conventional war where electronic controls play a major role. For example, China will be able to decrypt all nuclear commands of other countries and stop their attacks on China while it can launch its own attack without any opposition. Hence whether it is a cyber war or a conventional war, Quantum Computing supremacy would make China invincible.

It is in this context that India, US and Japan need to develop a deterrent mechanism by collaborating on the Quantum computing research.

Will Mr Modi take note?


This is the third part of the series of three articles.

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