Calling attention of the Chief Minister of Karnataka and The Commissioner of Police

It has been reported yesterday that several robberies took place in the Nice Road. One of the persons who met the victims has filed the following report:


Guys, there was an attempted robbery at knife point on me at Nice road a couple of hours ago. Thankfully, I could escape in time or I’d have lost everything.
After me, the thieves have robbed 6 more people in the same stretch. One couple going in Activa, one couple going on a Pulsar AS200 and one family going in car. The thieves had longs, daggers and sharp knives and other lethal weapons.

Multiple phones, debit and credit cards, gold ornaments have been stolen from those 3 other cases. Their vehicles have been damaged and their keys were thrown off as soon as they stopped them to rob them.

One guy has assault marks on his face, one girl was slapped hard, one more guy was at knife point while the girl with him escaped to the opposite side to shout for help.

I ripped and escaped from them and came to Hosur toll and informed authorities. Highway Patrol was sent out and the thieves were searched but in vain.

By the time I was done reporting this incident at the toll, the other 2 couples came in and reported their incidents. While we were talking to the authorities, a live news came in saying that a car glass was shattered using a long and the family was robbed.

All of us are at Electronic City police station right now to lodge FIR’s on our respective incidents. Nobody is injured. All are safe. Only one guy was bleeding from his nose and head but it was minor.

This is to inform you all to be safe and DO NOT travel on NICE road at night. I have tweeted to Ashok Kheny on the safety measures and have informed my lawyer on the same. If at all any legal proceedings happen, I will keep you all updated.

I’m safe, the bike is safe, just in the nick of time and sheer luck and thinking.

Be careful….


This is a serious law and order situation that needs to be addressed by the Police and the Government immediately. The Karnataka High Court should take cognizance of the incident and order immediate remedial action.

The Nice Road is gated at both ends and there is CCTV surveillance at the entrance and exist. It is a “Private Road” owned and operated by a company and the entire responsibility for the incident should be borne by the owners. It is necessary for the Police to immediately arrest Mr Ashok Kheny and hold him responsible.

The robbery could not have taken place without the connivance of the staff at either end of the tolls and all the staff members who manned the relevant gates should be questioned.

It is possible for the public to boycott Nice Road but this will create more traffic problems within the city.

Hence the Government should immediately take over the Nice Road from private management cancelling the maintenance contract and take necessary security measures including setting of police pickets at frequent intervals, CCTVs through out the road with proper lighting.

The High Court normally favours the contractor in such cases but it should take citizen centric decision in ensuring that the contractor is responsible.

If some body can file a PIL in this regard, it is welcome.

Will watch the developments to see how the Police handles this issue.



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