BSNL Fiber is a pain

BSNL is a public sector company and many of us want to encourage it. But there is a limit to which the inefficiency of BSNL may be tolerated.

I have installed the BSNL Fiber connectivity by converting my existing land line connection to the fiber connection.

Unfortunately the service is so problematic that I need to consider cancelling my subscription.

In the meantime there have been some press statements that BSNL wants to convert all its copper lines to fiber. If this is done, there could be more problems for commuters and hence I draw the attention of the Telecom ministry to look into the matter immediately.

Firstly, whenever fiber connectivity is down, which is quite often, the regular telephone line also becomes inaccessible. Hence those who depend on the telephone line for voice calls are blocked out of voice connectivity.

Secondly, BSNL connectivity interjects advertisements when we try to connect to a website. An example is the picture below where I have tried to connect to through my browser and I am directed to this advertisement page.

These advertisement intrusions are potential sources for virus introduction and an unwanted intrusion. If one looks at this picture it appears as if the advertisement is appearing on the website of where as it is introduced by BSNL before opening the target website and as an “Impersonation” of the advertisement beneficiary.

This is an offence which can be brought under ITA 2000 and other laws and the concerned technical persons of BSNL may be criminally charged.

The customer service itself is being handled by outsourced agencies and despite their best efforts, fall short of the requirement.

Also, Jio Fiber is using underground cabling with dual cable connectivity and overhead  cabling is only from a nearby pole. This reduces the risks of cable cut due to natural and other reasons.

I hope BSNL tries to improve its services as the fiber service was one of the best opportunities for it to turn around the organization and if it fails this time, then this could be the end of BSNL.



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