Binaural beats and Neuro Rights

For a long time many are arguing that there is a power behind chanting of Mantras. Though the mention  of  “Mantras” immediately invokes a religious feeling and triggers a “Flight Response” in some individuals, everybody will agree if we say “Music” has an impact on human brain.

The principle that these thoughts represent that “Auditory Impulses” of a certain kind can interact with the human neural system. This could a positive effect that can calm the brain from a stressed situation or even excite the brain. The “War Drums” and “War trumpet” was perhaps designed to trigger an excited response from the soldiers while the “Om” Chanting or Gayatri Mantra chanting could be a de-stressing and creation of positive brain energies.

Neuro science is discussing the effect of “Binaural Beats” and its effect on sleep, therapy, meditation etc.

The concept of “Binaural Beats” is that when two tones of slightly different frequencies are played on separate ears simultaneously (say through head phones), the human brain perceives the creation of a new third tone whose frequency is equivalent to the difference between the two tones played.

For example, if a person hears a tone of 410Hz and 420 Hz in different ears, he would be hearing a binaural beat with a  frequency of 10 Hz.

Such effect is also seen in visual perception when an Optical Illusion” is created in a image consisting of a series of bright and dark spaces.

Binaural beats are said to provide many benefits in meditation, lowering of stress etc. It is said that in order to produce a binaural beat, the two tones sounded in the ears must both have frequencies below 1,500 Hz with a difference of no greater than 40 Hz between them.

The effects of the binaural beat will depend on its frequency and the corresponding brain wave. For example, a natural beat with a frequency between 4 and 7 Hz is more likely to align with theta brain waves, promoting sleep and relaxation.

Probably this alignment of the beat with the brain waves is behind the addiction of our youngsters to headphones.

There is however a need to research if the binaural beats have any harmful effect also.

In the context of “Neuro Rights”, we can infer that if there is a phenomenon of “Binaural Beats” and certain music can create modification of brain waves as a result, it is a subject matter of Neuro Rights regulation.


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