Beware of Malware carrier and Hoax emails on ISIS-Paris attack themes

As could be expected after any global catastrophic event, the ISIS attack in Paris has also given raise to fraudulent e-mails. Some of them could be hoax emails and some could be carrying malware prompting the receiver to click on a link.

Public should be careful not to fall prey to such e-mails.

Some of these e-mails or messages are also circulating in WhatsApp.

Some of the reported hoax mails/messages  are:

  1. Singapore  PoliceNotice




2. We All Paris Hoax


These may be considered as indicators of what is to be expected. Some of the fraudsters will include spear phishing mails which may say some thing as follows :

” Police in Paris identify an employee of xxx company as a suspect of Paris attacks. Click here for the photo released by the Police.”

Such an email may be sent to all employees of an organization named in the e-mail prompting them to immediately open the e-mail and see which of their colleague is a suspect and invite a malware.

Public should therefore be extremely careful to avoid opening any attachments in an e-mail and also avoid circulating hoax mails in the belief that it is true. Such forwards may entrap the receivers since they would consider it as a message coming from a known person.


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