Android to be banned?

The proliferation of adult content on android apps has drawn the attention of the Government and serious thoughts are being given to the ways and means of controlling the menace.

One of the thoughts that is flying across is whether Android OS may be banned?. This of course ,may not happen since it would amount to closure of the mobile market itself. However Google may be required to enforce better control on the security aspects of the applications.

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1 Response to Android to be banned?

  1. steins says:

    As a rule of thumb, any operating system that is more widely used is exploited the most. Before some years it was nokia’s symbian and tables have now turned towards android.
    as in the report it has been stated that the google’s playstore will remove such pornographic content and search for the individuals responsible for distribution. This will not be enough, as there are other alternatives for playstore of google to download the apps for the android.
    If google will filter off the content then these pornographic apps will be shifted to these alternative stores and this will continue.
    also, there are other alternatives to the so called – only existing ‘android’ mobile platform.
    There is firefox OS for phones recently launched, and Ubuntu for tablets and smart phones that can be expolred as alternate to android. If in case android is banned.

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